The Magnus Liber or Magnus Liber Organi is a compilation of the medieval music known as organum. The whole name of the work is Magnus liber organi de. Magnum Organum is a book by MT (Michael Topper). Download and read Magnum Organum [PDF]. Sarvamangala Yantra. THE ORGANUM OF THE MAGNUM OPUS The Magick Way of Life of the Cosmic People. 1. To see the delusions of the material world.

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The emphasis on beginning with observation pervades the entire work. This is certainly in keeping with their intransigent relativism; for first principles properly defined ought to be universally applicable under any situation, a permanent attribute of the soul’s essential armamentarium, whereas tales of our “extra planetary” origin etc.

Let us never forget that in our true nature we are Divine and Immortal. Thus in one context the spiritual learning requirement signified by the scheduled presence of an “Earth energy-screen” may come about as the apparent result of spiritual determinations issuing from a positive “Confederacy”; in another context, according to the luminous self-linkups of probability networks the requirement might be fulfilled through nefarious designs of some Negative machination.

The other way draws axioms from the sense and particulars by climbing steadily and by degrees so that it reaches the ones of highest generality last of all; and this is the true but still untrodden way.

In either case the “requirement” is fulfilled, yet each probable event carries its own stress, implications, net of consequences and probable-projections in turn. Two over-lapping movements developed; “one was rational and theoretical in approach and was headed by Rene Descartes; the other was practical and empirical and was led by Francis Bacon.

International Nath Order

As mentioned above, this magnuum book of Novum organum was far from complete and indeed was only a small part of a massive, also unfinished work, the Instauratio magna. Rather, then, than committing to the precise definition of first principles which ought organym be the primary and overriding concern of any spiritual teaching or metaphysical philosophy at all, the Pleiadeans prefer to shadow dance us along with admittedly shifting “stories”.


PageBringers of the Dawn.

Bacon’s work was instrumental in the historical development of the scientific method. Aside from the First Vintage and the Instances with Special Powers, Bacon enumerates additional “aids to the intellect” which presumably are the next steps in oeganum “method.

In answer, we must assume an uncommon or esoteric overview.

Though the point may be lost to the disinterested ear of modern hubris happy with its “happening” sources of spaceage information-upgrade the fact of a preponderant “unoriginality” or even average information-loss through time-sands leaked down the archeological cracks doesn’t rule upon the Truth or timeless cogency of the inspiriting Source Itself; the fact of endless counterfeit and dated carbon doesn’t cancel the authenticity of – or render any less Real – the Superior character belonging to certain self-shining remnants amongst the general rubble.

The title page of Novum Organum depicts a galleon passing between the mythical Pillars of Hercules that stand either side of the Strait of Gibraltarmarking the exit from the well-charted waters of the Mediterranean into the Atlantic Ocean. On the one hand, Descartes begins with a doubt of anything which cannot be known with absolute certainty and includes in this realm of doubt the impressions of sense perception, and thus, “all sciences of corporal things, such as physics and astronomy.

This sort of humbleness is not understandable at all to those for whom “confession” of avatarship automatically, inevitably and necessarily signals ego-aggrandizement – this, of course, owing to the fact that in the projective case of themselves such confession could only be ego-aggrandizement. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. From the memory files of MT, we have the interesting example of “Shakespeare’s” most familiar appellation, of syllables so warmly lugubrious and reassuring to Stratfordians everywhere: In fact, it is in the idea that natural philosophy must begin with the senses that we find the revolutionary part of Bacon’s philosophy, and its consequent philosophical method, eliminative induction, is one of Bacon’s most lasting contributions to science and philosophy.

The first step he takes is the surveying of all known instances where the nature of heat appears to exist.


As Manley Hall points out.

Magnum Organum

There are no “multitudes”; there’s otganum you. For example, the observation that both a fire and boiling water are instances of heat allows us to exclude light as the true form of heat, because light is present in the case of the fire but not in the case of the boiling water. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. To study the Secret Sciences, to gain esoteric knowledge and guidance.

The Magnus Liber represents a step in the evolution of Western music between plainchant and the intricate polyphony of the later 13th and 14th centuries see Machaut and Ars Nova. Bacon never claimed to have brilliantly revealed new unshakable truths about nature—in fact, he believed that such an endeavour is not the work of single minds but that of whole generations by gradual degrees toward reliable knowledge. Thus we open our Magnum Organum – after a Word On The Mother Book – with practical instruction in Charger Breathing so as to fortify the soul and strengthen the body-mind in the most immediate, orgznum and practical way, in anticipation of that necessary Opening of the Inner Eye and Intuitive faculty partially induced by the dialectic essays themselves but in any case ultimately required so as to click in optimum manner with the Superior Cogency of the Mother’s Spiritual Dispensation.

Magnus Liber – Wikipedia

Both perceive the bare “event”, the “destruction of Atlantis”. This type of idol stems from the particular life experiences of the individual. What we “see” of Bacon officially, is not as a consequence all there is to see. Such elimination occurs through comparison. Who was the last ” Rajafalafel of Rajistan ” to come through these parts?

How does all this square with the apparently antithetical character of his Novum Organum, Great Instauration etc.?