products offers magneto magnetizer products. About 16% of these are mobile phone bags & cases, 7% are magnetic materials, and 5% are. “Could you send plans and drawings for the magneto charger in your article?” This was the most frequent inquiry I had after my November GEM article on . I would like to build a magnet charger like the one John Rex wrote in the January I have been a full time Magneto Restorer/Repairman for quite a number of.

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Building a heavy duty magnet charger

Remember, if the magneto is dismantled or the magnets are removed, recharging after assembly will magndtizer be required to restore full performance. The Gingery plan claims “Quote” that at total turns at a max of 10 amps the charger will provide 12, ampere turns of magneto motive force, at least twice what is required to saturate an ordinary magneto magnet.

Detail of the insulating end washers for the coils. This arc is exactly what is wanted across ignitor points with battery and coil ignition, but in a magneto charger, the arc could lead to switch failure, insulation breakdown or electric shock. I am nearly finished with my own design made from stuff I had laying around to charge EK mags.

The American Bosch unit that sets on my bench at this time weighs pounds.

If so, which is best? Eventually some scrambling will occur, but try to keep it to a minimum. An ordinary automotive ammeter reading 50 amperes is sufficient. These procedures were used in the old days because many chargers were inadequate and magnetic theory was not well understood.

John using the charger at a local New England engine show.

When the button is pressed, the capacitor is charged from the mains through the rectifier to a voltage shown on the voltmeter which levels out at just under V. By comparison with the internal magnetiser, the magnetic path length through the external magnetiser externally of the magneto from one side of the magneto to the other is many times longer.


To prevent shorts, the core must be insulated. Are there different types? The wire sits on a scale so they just wind until it gets 20 pounds lighter. If a lathe is not available, coils can be wound by attaching a crank with bolts threaded into each end of the core. I know of a couple of these firms nearby. The use of magnet wire is important because wire with thick insulation can’t be densely packed. BUT, Almost all steels max out or saturate at a magnetic field strength of about 1.

I have already obtained a couple rolls of heavy magnet wire from a surplus outlet, which has since gone belly up, for the project.

Building a heavy duty magnet charger

This second generation design features ease of construction, improved operation, bottom mounted coil terminals and diode protection to prevent excessive switch sparking and coil failure. You can pretend that you charged the magneto or you can charge hell out of it to last forever. Repeat the procedure for the second coil except mark the terminals ‘3’ and ‘4’ instead of ‘1’ and ‘2’.

Therefore, for BTH magnetos, we fit an external keeper to the magneto while we are removing the internal magnetiser’s core and replacing it with the magneto’s armature. Conveniently, the magnetic pole pieces of BTH magnetos are directly accessible from the outside.

The Square Deal Subscription Program is designed as a paperless transaction with automatic renewals at a preferred low rate. New three lines and the annual output is 15, tons.

This company is out of PA. I have taken the four field coils from a Ford auto starter and I am in the process of mounting them on the short legs of the “U”.

I am of the opinion that if Fairbanks Morse, American Bosch and International Harvester thought that a 25 pound charger would do an adequate job, that is what they would have built. The pole pieces are shaped to concentrate the magnetic flux at their tips. Gonna really have some fun now. To minimize machine work, all material should be sawed to length.

  ISO 21457 PDF

Lots of on-line companies sell steel buy the inch, buy what you need.

Magnet Charger

Dave Gingery is a genius when it comes to building stuff from scrap! The coils are now bolted to the base. The ammeter shown, unlike automotive ammeters, requires the use of an external shunt for operation.

A wide variety of magneto magnetizer options are available to you, such as free samples. I used C steel for all components in the magnetic path. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. So, for these Lucas magnetos, after we have charged the magnet, we can simply remove the magneto body from the internal magnetiser’s core, and then fit the magneto’s armature. An auxiliary set of pole pieces in conjunction with the first set is used in most charging applications and is essential for magnetos such as the Bosch AB and AB My question is, where can you get the pieces of mild steel, or preferably soft iron without having to buy a large piece of material.

Testing the charger Once the unit is wired according to the wiring diagram, it’s time to test it. On the Gingery the cores are 2″ dia x 6″ mild steel mounted on a 4″ x 10″, 1″ thick mild steel plate! Gas Engine Magazine brings you: Say 10 volts times amps, versus volts times 10 amps, which in both cases equals watts of power, or energy. When the button is subsequently released, the capacitor is discharged through the core winding.

The steel for the core is CRvery common. Blueprints for an Ironwood Engine. Medium power Loudspeaker Magnetizer Demagnetizer. At this stage, the coils are finished. I have always thought that you can have magnetiezr turns and more current, or more turns and less current in the magnet windings and still do the same amount of work. True, ampere turns do the job, but I still wonder about the actual mass of the iron.