Hello, folks! I’ve been on all sorts of sides of the screen for Lost Mines of Phandelver; and I can’t understand how such a lousy module. Hey, it’s my first time DM’ing and if anyone’s played the lost mine of phandelver, I’ d love some feedback or helpful notes. Thanks:). Lost Mine of Phandelver is an adventure for four to five characters of 1st level. During the course of the adventure, the characters will advance.

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They glance only occasionally out of the arrow slits, however, so characters who move quietly might be able to creep past them. Last edited by Alejos: Talon was lost here until the nothic found it.

A character who studies the statue recognizes the depiction with a successful DC 15 Intelligence History check. The barrels here contain pbandelver provisions to those in area 1. Barthen pays the agreed amount 10 gp to each character and takes possession of the wagon and its supplies. Goblins in nearby caves ignore the sounds of fighting wolves, since they constantly snap and snarl at each other. Any character who can see the bridge in area 5 might also notice the goblin guarding the bridge.

The Black Spider has sent bugbears to reinforce the Redbrands and provide extra muscle see area 9. Phadnelver have never run that module but, never underestimate your players If that player roleplays the encounter well, allow him or her to make the check with advantage.


What do you want, puppies? The goblins also shout loudly Disguised Characters Rather than storm Cragmaw Castle with weapons in hand, clever characters might try to talk their way inside. By the time they get there, they usually have used some of their resources due to numerous previous combats. A cold breeze fills this large natural cavern, phandelger with it the faint scent of decaying flesh.

Nearby lies an empty leather map case. Purchasing the digital books supports the hard work done to create the site and its tools.

Spotting a secret door from a distance of no more than 10 feet without actively searching for it requires a passive Wisdom Perception score of 15 or higher, whereas a character who takes the time to search the wall can find the secret door with a successful DC 10 Wisdom Perception check.

On a side note, I don’t see how lst goblins turned to a adjusted XP encounter.

In the last three or four years, hardy settlers from the cities of Neverwinter and Waterdeep have begun the hard work of reclaiming the ruins of Phandalin. The player whose character takes the lead in speaking with the banshee makes the check.

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I’d love to join this campaign, and if you want, you are free to join mine! The goblins minee a threat to the delicate balance. Although he has no money on him, Sildar can secure a loan to pay the characters within a day after arriving in Phandalin.


In the middle of the cavern, the coals of a large fire smolder. Other buildings appear more or less intact. That way, you could wear both groups of goblins lodt, and clean up the other group if the party didn’t want to side with the Goblin boss. The Goblin Boss stats aren’t even on the starter set. General Features The hideout consists of well-built dungeon chambers with flagstone floors and walls of dressed stone blocks.

Gog fights until slain, while the ores fight until Brughor is killed, at which point any remaining ores flee. Westernmost Cottage This cottage has seen better days.

Boxed text is most commonly used to describe rooms or present bits of scripted dialogue. The rat shares a telepathic bond with its master, and it sends a brief warning message to Iarno as soon as it detects intruders. On a failure, the creature is restrained in the webs see the rulebook for the effects of being restrained.

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On the first success, they loosen the rod pbandelver the DC drops to The DM is a referee. The group consists of four Redbrand ruffians. Iarno is trying to master the art of brewing potions and concocting alchemical mixtures.