TABLA DE MENDELEIEV Ley de las octavas de NewlandsLi6,9Na23, 0K39,0Be9,0Mg24,3Ca40,0B10,8Al27,0C12,0Si28,1N14,0P John Alexander Reina Newlands (; see photo at the Edgar Fahs Smith collection, University of Pennsylvania) was born in Southwark, England. John A. R. Newlands (). On Relations among the Equivalents. Chemical News Vol. 7, Feb. 7, , pp. To the Editor of the CHEMICAL NEWS.

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However, the Law of Octaves was ridiculed by some of Newlands’ contemporaries, and the Society of Chemists did not accept his work for publication. Mg 10 Ca 17 Sr 30 Ba 44 Pb 53 Here the difference between the number of the lowest member of a group and that immediately above it is 7; in other words, the eighth key starting from a given one is a kind of repetition of the first, like the eighth note of an octave in music.

Metals of dde alkaline earths: He used the values accepted by his predecessors.


Lead is here the mean of the other two. The analogous term in the chlorine group is not yet known.

Picture of John Newlands. I may mention, by the way, that platinum let rather more than the half of gold; thus Case Studies in the Development of Chemistry. If you know of an interesting periodic table that is missing, please contact the database curator: In he became chief chemist of James Duncan’s London sugar refinerywhere he introduced a number of improvements in processing.

Iron is one-half of cadmium. In like manner, if we include lithium, we shall have among the metals of the alkaline earths two triads, the first comprising lithium, magnesium, and calcium, and the second calcium, strontium, and barium, calcium standing at the top of one triad and at the bottom of the other.


In pas group selenium is the mean between sulphur and tellurium. By a triad I understand a group of analogous elements, the equivalent of one of which is the mean of the other two.

La Octava ley de newlands by zuly triana on Prezi

Lo ClaptonMiddlesexEngland. Potassium is thus the highest term of one triad and the lowest term of another. Lanthanium and didymium are identical with cerium, or nearly so. LambethSurreyEngland.

The incompleteness of lad table alluded to the possible existence of additional, undiscovered elements. Laboratory, 19, Great St. Metals of the alkalies: Exceptions there are, however, in both cases which render it necessary to take one half or one quarter of the equivalent of oxygen in the one case, and of hydrogen in the other, in order to represent all the numbers obtained as multiples by a whole number of the given standard.

Lithium 7 Potassium 39 32 2 Magnesium 24 Cadmium 88 5. octavaw

It is now referred to as standard atomic weight. I also freely admit that some of the relations above pointed out are more apparent than real; others, I trust, will prove of a more durable and satisfactory description. Osmium appears key play a similar part in the sulphur group, and bismuth in the phosphorus group. B 11 Au Neelands. Views Read Edit View history.

Returning to London, Newlands established himself as an analytical chemist in This page was last edited on 13 Decemberat From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Leach, the author, using mrl meta-synthesis. It was written by a reporter whose name I do not have; it is not in Newlands’ words. He was interested in social reform and during served as a volunteer newlanes Giuseppe Garibaldi in his military campaign to unify Italy.


SIR,– In addition to the facts stated in my late communication, may I be permitted to observe that if the elements are arranged in the order of their equivalents, calling hydrogen 1, lithium 2, glucinum 3, boron 4, and so on a separate number being attached to each element having a distinct equivalent of its own, and where newlandx elements happen to have the same equivalent, both being designated by the same numberit will be observed that elements having consecutive numbers frequently either belong to the same group or occupy similar positions in different groups, as in the following examples: Thus, in the nitrogen group, between nitrogen and phosphorus there are 7 elements; between phosphorus and arsenic, 14; between arsenic and antimony, 14; and lastly, between antimony and bismuth, 14 also.

The relations, then, will be thus: In conclusion, I may remark that just as we have several examples of the apparent existence of triads, the extremities of which are known, whilst their centres are wanting such as the metals of the platinum group, dde may be conceived to be the extremities of dee distinct triads, and perhaps also silver and gold may be related to each other in this mannerso we may look upon certain of the elements, e.