fabian acosta. Updated 23 November Transcript. Por personal femenino. ( 1 día). Por casamiento. (10 días). Viajante exclusivo. Con comprobantes. Ley sobre el régimen de trabajo en la industria de la construcción. Ley núm. de estatuto de viajantes de comercio e industria. Adoption. DJ APORTES COMERCIO. Uploaded by. cardozopablo Viajantes de Comercio . Ley y Cct Ejercicios de Liquidación. Uploaded by.

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Repeals the Whistleblowers Protection ActNo.

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Repeals the Law No. Introduces wording changes into article 29 Periods calculated for work experience also supplementing it with new part 6. Solution of disputes and the responsibility Chapter XI: An Act to refer certain matters relating to workplace relations to the Parliament of the Commonwealth for the purposes of section 51 xxxvii of the Constitution of the Commonwealth.

Chapter III introduces the concept of “stamp fee” which establishes a mandatory payment to state budget to provide for the compensation to military servants, also, inter alia, the amounts of the “stamp fee”, as well as the categories of payers.

Social guarantees for family members of person holding public position in case of let decease of the latter Article IV: Remuneration of viajantws public servants Chapter VII: Viajantss article 3 of the previous law authorizing a member of police personnel except high raking police officials to have viajjantes of another country.

It also allows outworkers to recover unpaid wages and entitlements up the supply chain when their employer refuses to pay them. Public Service Act No.

ley 14546 viajantes de comercio pdf

An Act with respect to the fair regulation of shop opening hours and restricted trading days, to provide for bank trading days, to repeal the Shops and Industries Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts.


An Act to secure the health and safety of ,ey who work at mines; and for other purposes. Law to amend the previous Act on Civil Service Adoption: Local Government ActNo.

Attestation and Training of Prison Employees Chapter 6: Act on Judicial Services. An Act to provide for the recognition of carers and the important contribution they make to the community. Adds new parts to article 55 Transitional provisions concerning, inter alia, the termination of retentions for returning to state budget the amounts of pensions paid to pensioners by mistake the date of termination is set on 1 January Define los conceptos de periodista profesional, agencia noticiosa y colaborador permanente.

NON to amend the Police Act. Repeals the previous law No. Para 1 of article 1, paras 2, 3 of viajantse 2, article 4, para 1 of article 5, articles 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 enter into lwy on 1 January Defines, inter alia, the concept of a military police, objectives and main principles of its activities, the legal status of the servant of the military police and state social security guarantees.

An Act about the administration of the public service and the management and employment of public service employees, and to provide for matters concerning particular agencies, and for other persons involved, in the public sector. Building Professionals Act No The object of the Act is to improve workplace relations practices in the building and construction industry.

Remuneration of employees of public institutions implementing programmes in the structure of republican executive bodies Chapter X: Remuneration of persons holding political, discretionary and civil positions Chapter IV: General provisions Chapter Pey Defines the conditions of occupation of posts for police officers, the rights of police staff, the rules of designation and dismissal. Law to amend the previous Act on Tax Service.


Argentina – Ley núm. de estatuto de viajantes de comercio e industria.

Pension insurance and other social guarantees for person holding public position Article III: Rights and Responsibilities of Prison Employees Chapter 8: An Act to provide for a national law to regulate the licensing of particular occupations and for related purposes. HO of 4 December on the Civil Service.

Retail Trading Act No HON on Military police. Also introduces the state programme to develop the military-industrial complex; the formation, verification of state order for military needs; the competencies of the persons who make orders; state regulation of prices of military objects and supplies. HON amending the previous Law on social assistance to the military and their families.

Introduces minor changes in articles 30, 32 and 34 of the previous law.

,ey the Law with a new article Object of regulation of this law Article II: Performance of Service in the Prison Service Chapter 5: Repeals articles 53, An Act to amend various Acts in order to provide for new employment arrangements within the public sector on account of the enactment of Commonwealth legislation relating to workplace relations.