Bendroji Psichologija Kurso Aprasymas – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Psichologijos įvadas. pateikimas užskaitymui dviejuose ar daugiau skirtingų kursų. užduoties ar egzaminų lapo. 4 Meidus L. Sporto psichologija. Vilnius: Vilniaus 20 Malinauskas R. Sporto psichologijos pagrindai. Kaunas 25 Lapė J., Navikas G. Psichologijos įvadas. social (Neįgaliųjų asmenų mokymas, ; Lapė and Navikas, ). Motive factors are urges, needs, . 7. Lapė, J., Navikas, G. Psichologijos įvadas.

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Apie pastaruosius tyrimus detaliau. Charakteris formuojasi temperamento pagrindu.

MRU leidybos centro e. leidiniai

The present research included three phases. Statistical analysis showed a lot of statistically significant correlations betveen illness perception dimensions: Summary According psochologijos the World Health Organizationroad traffic accidents are one of the ten leading causes of death.

Finally, based on this selection, a composite item questionnaire was developed, encompassing various aspects of organizational citizenship. We finally outline the importance of studying psychosocial context of the development of executive function. Tai svarbi vidaus sekrecijos liauka.

During the career decision making process, students with a serious level of indecision paid more attention to the external factors such as financial resources. A negative relation between driving anger and driving self-efficacy was found.

Magistro baigiamojo darbo rengimo tvarka: Evidence from studies on the effects of a brief eclectic psychotherapy for posttraumatic stress disorder BEPPdeveloped by B. Dar viena prielaida atsirasti psichologijos mokslui – gamtos mokslai medicina, fiziologija, biologija.


These results provide a valuable insight into the dimensionality of psychological well-being in the Lithuanian university student sample. Such a constriction of alternatives might arise from a desire for greater predictability and control.

Lapė, J. (Juvencijus) [WorldCat Identities]

Analytic and holistic approaches to learning alpe are introduced. The internal consistency test has revealed average to very high subscale reliability, Cronbach alphas ranging from 0. Frankl ir kitais vardais. Our results have indicated that observers tend to perceive two adjacent identical figures as reversing simultaneously, and the same percepts dominated both in the reversal rate and the duration of perception.

Examples of aggressive driving include behaviours such as excessive speeding, tailgating, horn honking, traffic weaving, profanity, obscene gestures, headlight flashing, etc. In order to understand this phenomenon, researchers have examined aggressive driving in terms of several levels of variables such as sociocultural, situational or personal Valleries et al.

Moreover, there are inconsistencies in conclusions concerning social support, pregnancy and delivery-related factors, stressful life events, emotional and physical health and their influence on postpartum depression. ISBN The suicide formula: Because lapee the GDS nor the Mini-D affords entirely satisfactory diagnostic accuracy, appreciation of these operating characteristics will enable practitioners to select the instrument that yields the most acceptable balance of Type I and Type II errors within their particular clinical settings.


The two study designs are shown to deal with single and double dissociations in their own way and to contribute significantly to the advancement of neuropsychological sciences.

Lapė, J. (Juvencijus)

Tai ir kasdieninio gyvenimo sunkumai bei problemos. These subjects expressed statistically significantly more adolescent and actual distrust in mother representations.

A correlation between the four-factor coping with stress questionnaire and the COPE questionnaire was also assessed. Besides, self-efficacy influences the perceived collective efficacy, and the collective efficacy influences the stress level. Self-representations were investigated by means of a half-structured interview based on self-in-relation theory.

For each of these confirmatory analyses, a two-factor model was compared with the general one-factor model. The research involved Lithuanian employees representing different size and type organizations.

KoffkaV. The study involved participants age Implicit detection of change: Summary It is difficult to take no notice of the gap existing between the relevance of the theme of sexuality in adolescence for young people themselves and the lack of attention of academia trying to understand, analyze, and conceptualize this experience of young people. In spite of the growing empirical data, the concept of self-regulation lacks empirical and conceptual clarity, and the developmental picture of self-regulation is fragmented and sometimes inconsistent.