Doplnené a prepracované vydanie Krížom-krážom A1 () v porovnaní s pôvodnou verziou () prináša upravený obsah lekcií, aktualizované dialógy. Križom kražom – Slovenčina A1. Welcome to Memrise! Join millions of people who are already learning for free on Memrise! It’s fast, it’s fun and it’s. (the phrase a shop assistant asks you) Yes, please? Can I help you? 2. (as the response to the phrase “Thank you.”) You are welcome. Rozumiete po slovensky .

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There are five recorded dialogues covering the most frequent conversation topics, texts to krazok listening and reading comprehension, vocabulary is explained in definitions and illustrations, grammar is shown in student-friendly tables, and there are various exercises which can help students build their language competence.

For students who like to be challenged and krszom to be exposed to real life Slovak, the A1 basic vocabulary, which is in the dialogues, thematic illustrations and glossaries, is extended by additional words which are used in follow-up exercises and texts. Students are also encouraged to use their personal dictionaries as additional words are always an added benefit, even if not included in the unit wordlists.

Various aspects of the textbook take into consideration different needs of students learning Slovak as a foreign language. The essential parts of the book are its illustrations, tables, and photographs whose purpose is to help students visualise and learn new grammar, vocabulary, and phrases more easily and naturally.

To make this edition up-to-date some recordings have been changed, and all the recordings are now available and can be found on the website uniba. To provide students with an opportunity to revise grammar and vocabulary and to practise their listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills, each unit also contains a revision section with various exercises and tasks. Different brainteasers, didactic games, and additional texts with more exercises have been added to the units to make learning even more stimulating and appealing.

And not to forget, at the back of the textbook students can find a key to exercises, a Slovak- English glossary arranged according to units as well as in alphabetical order, and a grammar reference section. The book includes 10 topic-based units introducing day-to-day situations.


All the units have an identical structure that is easy-to-follow.

Through the main characters of the textbook, you will find yourself studying, working, in the city or having fun. This purpose is followed also by a richly illustrated and didactically interpreted contents, which enables practice of individual communicational skills in accordance with the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages CEF for the A2 level upper intermediate.

New vocabulary and grammar are explained with a help of pictures, standard phonetic training and dialogues from individual chapters are recorded on a CD. It develops standard communication skills, reading comprehension, and building of simple sentence structures. The individual lessons are related to the contents of the Textbooks: The number of exercises in individual lessons depends on the type and degree of difficulty of the study material as well as on the lexical potential of the topic.

The exercises and the dialogues are presented in models with the creative and targeted application of illustrations, which support the receptive and productive mastering of the foreign language.

Thanks to its structure, the Workbook is suited for working with groups of students under teacher supervision. In addition, it provides numerous exercises and specific tasks for individual study, practice, and automatic utilization of the studied areas.

Krizom-krazom. Slovencina A1

The book can also be used selectively based on the learning objectives and needs of the individual user. In each unit there are dialogues which are recorded on the CDs and which reflect current social issues.

They are followed by x1 covering the same issues and give you an opportunity to practise all four skills and to express your opinion on those topics as they are usually presented in a confrontational way. New words are explained by both their synonyms and explanations as well as illustrations, schemes and word groups that make them easier to learn and remember.

They are practised in vocabulary and word formation exercises.

– Krizom-krazom. Slovencina A1

The grammar sections of the book were adjusted to the topics of the units and cover krrizom phenomena on the B1 level, namely plural forms of nouns, adjectives and pronouns, use of prepositions their division into groups, meaning, functionverbs aspect, reflexive verbsthe most frequent conjunctions and particles as well as some aspects of the sentence structure, especially word order.


Each unit contains comprehensive exercises practising reading, listening, speaking and writing skills.

Various exercises, texts, idioms, photo stories and cartoons were also added to the units to make the book even more interesting and increasingly challenging for the students.

It is designed for learners who would like to improve their Slovak in an interesting and attractive way and who would like to learn more about Slovakia. It contains 10 units where you will learn how to communicate in everyday situations as well as on some special occasions.

All units except for Unit 10 which was designed as a brochure about Slovakia with various information about its different regions have an identical, easy to follow structure.

In each unit there are dialogues recorded on the CDs, reflecting current social issues in everyday or professional life. They are followed by texts covering the same topics, and they provide an opportunity to practice all four skills and to express your opinion on the topics. New words and grammar in the units will help you use Slovak more accurately and precisely.

Grammar presented in the units reflects their topics and concentrates on the most challenging areas of Q1 morphology, i. It also builds on the previous knowledge of grammar phenomena as well as offering many opportunities to practice language skills. A very useful part of the textbook is the grammar reference section with tables explaining grammar rules and krazon list of all verbs used in the book in their perfective and imperfective aspect karzom.