Before beginning his work Kounin felt that most people thought that instruction and disciple were two separate entities. Instruction, the skills presented for. Kounin found that teachers who use effective instructional management keep their students focused on learning tasks and minimize behavior. According to Kounin, good classroom management depends on of the teacher moving the class from one instructional activity to the next.

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Classroom Management Theorists and Theories/Jacob Kounin

These studies emphasized how teachers could manage students, lessons and classrooms to reduce the incidence of bad behavior. Ability to have steady movement throughout instructlonal lesson. Student behavior is influenced by the smoothness and effectiveness of transitions between tasks in a lesson.

Students that feel they are learning will make connections between old and new material.

Classroom Management Theorists and Theories/Jacob Kounin – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

This also includes distractions from outside the classroom such as notes from the office or students walking through the hallways. This can be as simple as making scanning looks around the room every once in awhile. Instryctional need to know that the teacher is aware of what is going on in the classroom.

The students can facilitate a discussion. When helping an individual student, the teacher faces the rest of the class.

The first two terms he uses, “With-it-ness” and “Overlapping,” can be used for preventing the misbehavior of other students. This first observation led Kounin to conduct kounib over 5 years with students from all levels, but later Kounin changed his focus to seeing how teachers actually prepared or proactively managed their classrooms before behavior occurred.


This site was designed with the. Size px x x x x This overlapping ties into the momentum aspect.

This means that with-it-ness, overlapping, smoothness, momentum, and group focus all must meld together to form a coherent whole. The 1 secret to teaching students classroom rules: Effective classroom management correlates with high achievement. Models, Applications, and cases instrutcional ed. The ability of the teacher to keep all students actively participating and to create interest in the material.

This needs to be considered by teachers when planning. Once they have finished a task they can turn to each other or they could pair up with those who are already done and compare answers. Group focus is the ability of a teacher to engage the whole class using techniques such as building suspense or asking community questions. Kounin, Advantages Teacher attempts to involve all learners in learning tasks Helps teachers handle discipline problems in the classroom.

From this observation, he concluded that there must be something instductional teacher could do to prevent misbehavior in the first place, which would lead to more effective classroom management. These videos contain things you should avoid in dealing with student. Many times, a teacher can get distracted and leave a topic open and not come back to it until later, which can be confusing to students.

These are the main theories and history of Jacob Kounin. From educational psychologist to a well-known theorist today, Kounin brought a novel idea that incorporated both the instructional and manabement aspects of the classroom together.

Smoothness is maintaining direction in the lesson and not being diverted by irrelevant incidents. Another thing that can ruin smoothness is when a teacher does not have a plan or course of action, it can seem as though the lecture is jumping from one topic to the next. Management I Classroom Management is a primary concern for beginning teachers Classroom Management is a primary concern for beginning teachers.


We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. Another example, if the teacher is in the middle of a lecture and a student enters the room the teacher should make eye contact with the student, have an area for the student to turn in work, and continue with the lesson. Dangles The students had just completed reading a story in their reading circle.

The teacher should have communicated to all students the expectations and can have these displayed so everyone can be “with-it”. The teacher should make each center as kinestethic as possible with many manipulatives at each station i. He watched as the correction of one student behavior actually spread to other students engaging in inappropriate behaviors, and resulted in a much more ordered room.


He cannot seem to focus on one activity till he knows what is coming next. Jacob Kounin identified a cluster of proactive teacher behaviors that distinguished effective classroom managers from ineffective ones.

Instructional Management”— Presentation transcript: This technique allows the teacher to have an idea about those students who may cause an unwanted tangent and those who may have a good question, pertaining to utilise the time effectively. The final aspect that results in Lesson Movement and effective teaching through integrating management and learning is group focus.