b VGC’” (Vented Gap Cooling) low frequency transducer with mm. (4 in) diameter edgewound voice coil and SFG’” magnet structure. b Compact trapezoidal. Brand New Genuine JBL H 15″ Speaker. Used in monitor and as replacement for LE15B is no longer available. If you are looking to repair this. Brand New JBL LE15B Aftermarket Recone Kit, 8 ohm. Parts specifications: Cone : 15″ outside diameter, ″ voice coil opening accordion edge; Voice Coil.

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JBL LE15B specifications – legarem – High Efficiency Speaker Asylum

Results 1 to 13 of So, which one gives better LF? You can install a H kit on them but the alnico motor will still limit the maximum power they can admit both for heat dissipation of the non-vented motor, and alnico demagnetisation reasons.


The Le15a is the consumer version of the a, ancector of the a, also with an alnico motor. It is an underhung design, and as such should not suffer from alnico demagnetisation: It is similar to the Le15a, but with a cloth surround.

Very efficient, but no real bass. I see you already knew all that: Originally Posted by pos. The Le15b is the consumer version of the a, only used in the L first version and the I always like bass horns but the cabs are big and heavy.

Originally Posted by robertbartsch. Originally Posted by originaltubino.

Back to the LE15B. Originally Posted by Mr. Numbers like that are not particularly useful, but it a useful rough guideline.

It is foam surround version. Is there a reason why this particular pair we’re done like this? Originally Posted by vinny.

Originally Posted by dnewma All times are GMT The time now is Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano.