Equal parts daydream and how-to, “Hamlet on the Holodeck” is a brilliant thrilling, and strange, and no one is better qualified than Janet Murray to offer a. Hamlet on the Holodeck by Janet H. Murray – Stories define how we think, the way we play, and the way we understand our lives. And just as Gutenberg made.. . From the Book: Introduction to Hamlet on the Holodeck by Janet H. Murray. All media as extensions of ourselves serve to provide new transforming vision and.

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As the second wave of virtual reality now se An amazing investigation of virtuality in both classical and pop culture, hitting all the high notes for both Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Woolf, Tolkien and Kurosawa plus Star Trek: Murray holodedk the harbingers of such a world in the fiction of Borges and Calvino, movies like “Groundhog Day,” and the videogames and Web sites of the s.

If you go back to the book’s hamelt resource page http: This is the first book I’ve read that talks about video games in the way that I tend to think about them.

Hamlet on the Holodeck – Games Research Network

Jul 09, Mark Poulsen rated it it was amazing. Mhrray we already know that “There is nothing that human beings have created that cannot be represented” herein, “from the cave paintings of Lascaux to real-time photographs holodek Jupiter, from the Dead Sea Scrolls to Shakespeare’s First Folio, from walk-through models of Greek temples to Edison’s first movies” she’s impossible to resist when she’s on a roll.

Ahmlet only criticism is the focus on gaming and immersive narrative – that is not the direction of my own new media writing as I am working on novels and essays, and pretty thoroughly reject the thf idea in favor of post-modern I’m almost finished with this one, and really recommend it for anyone studying new media literature or attempting to write it. ISBN is that, on the back cover holodeci the book, there is the url for the book’s web resource page: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

And just as Gutenberg made possible the stories that ushered in the Modem Era, so is the computer having a profound effect on the stories of the late 20th century. She analyzes the state of “immersion, ” of participating in a text to such jabet extent that you literally get lost in a story and obliterate the outside world from your awareness.

How could we help that “cyberbard,” rather than get it the way of the flowering of genius possible, given such tools? This is one of my three favorite books. I found Murray’s concept of the kaleidoscope compelling and useful as a new framework for digital narratives and her predictions around mobile storytelling experiences are finally coming into reality.


Hamlet on the Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace

Which one will lead us to a new Shakespeare? Hamlet on the Holodeck Teh H. You can sign up to that list here. The rather bodice-ripping story in which Capt. Computer technology of the late twentieth century is astonishing, thrilling, and strange, and no one is better qualified than Janet Murray to nanet a breathtaking tour of how it is reshaping the stories we live by.

And she introduces us to enchanted landscapes populated by witty automated characters and inventive role-playing interactors, who together make up a new kind of “commedia dell’arte. Aline Ricciarelli rated it really liked it Sep 26, Murray’s predictions are generally correct in their basic principles and way off the mark on specific details.

Obviously the specific examples and predictions are pretty dated at this point, but her ideas about what it means to tell stories in procedural and adaptive environments are still quite relevant and useful.

Hamlet on the Holodeck

A must read for anyone into narratives or digital design. Both Table of Contents and web resource page go on to discuss and provide resources for the discussion of the holodeck of Star Trek as “A New Medium for Storytelling”.

Novakhiko rated it it was amazing May 17, We are all in her debt for this richly engaging book. Equally, apart from its encyclopedic graphic resources, there are a wide range in narrative entertainments not only feasible but actually offered us at the present time — at an incunabular stage of development of the medium — from vicious videogame shoot-em-ups to MUD and MOO role-playing games with their pedagogic applications, only lightly touched on in this book — a curious minimization of a positive use of the mediumto clearly postmodern hypertexts such as Michael Joyce’s “Afternoon.

I would very much like to read a follow up or updated edition, as it was written over ten years ago.

Buy Hamlet on the Holodeck Now. Janeway is involved as governess to Lord Burleigh’s children may be slightly off-putting for some readers who may care less about Victorian Gothics than does the author — surely a matter of taste worth discussion — but it quickly evolves into another discussion, of “Alien Kisses,” with a nod to Aldous Thf and “feelies,” Ray Bradbury and the wall-screen “televisor” parlors to which janett housewives are addicted in “Fahrenheit ,” and going on to discuss early responses to film, to television, and to videogames all hailed with horror by dystopic criticsand then into a discussion of the question of whether these critics are correct, or whether it would — will — be possible for “digital storytelling,” “the literature of cyberspace,” to live up to Beowulf and Shakespeare, or whether addiction is going to be our lot.


From Additive to Expressive Form.

Jul 30, Greg Howard rated it really liked it. Thanks for telling us about the problem. We end with her firm conviction, in her ringing peroration, that whether or not we will one day be rewarded with the arrival of the cyberbard, we should hasten to place holodec new compositional tool as firmly as possible in the hands of the storytellers.

Jan 14, Emily rated it really liked it Shelves: Ultimately, of course, there is a question of value linked to this question of aesthetics: Janef to Book Page. Janeg is the challenge of this book. Open Preview See a Problem? I really enjoyed the perspective it provided. Murray’s approach covers a wide range of media platforms through which narrative can be experienced, but, as many of her critics have pointed out, does so without much regard for the specific functionality of the media she addresses; for example, she claims that Tetris is an apt metaphor for the hectic rat-race of American life in the late 20th century, side-stepping an analysis of the gameplay and ignoring the fact that the game was created by a Russian programmer.

Stories define how we think, the way we play, and the way we understand our lives. Even to ask this question is to recognize the extent to which Janet Murray has engaged us in an exploration of the multivariant world of the networked computer and the holodeck — or world beyond — that we have glimpsed so far, just over the threshold in a new environment.

Haklet is confident a digitally adept Tolstoy will master the media, and aspirants to the count’s laurels will find in this work many conceptual ideas to play with. She lives with her husband and two children in a suburb of Boston. The Unspeakable Act in the Miller’s Tale.

Title requiring merge 3 18 Feb 21, Recommended for anyone who’s interested in thinking about what it means to tell a story through games, VR, IF, hypertext, or any other form of digital medium.

It’s a question to which there can be at least two possible answers, of course; Janet Murray chooses the optimistic side, but with elaborate cautions, and a complex — but pellucid — discussion of the potential in the box.

Rather, if a new Shakespeare were to come along, how would he or she write a Hamlet for the holodeck? Mar 31, Vilis rated it liked it. The Religion of Technology The projections repay further study.