Read Online and Free Download Urdu eBook Imamia Jantri امامیہ جنتری. Read Online and Free Download Urdu eBook Imamia Jantri. hi guys,. seeing as though you can do so much and find so much on the net, i wondered if any1 knew a link of where i can read my jantri for this. videos, audio files, wallpapers, pictures and galleries related to term zanjani jantri

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Whereas, in the time of Musa Moses’ birth, Pharoah had only the guidance of Astrologers that a man is to come who would overthrow his kingdom and so he went on a rampage to kill all young boys. Posted March 22, Using the universe to interpret the mechanical equations and laws of planets only helps us to determine the predicted destiny only those who have true knowledge ei.

Urdu is widely available everywhere. Do you know why it exists, if it has no significance in Islam? By Ali-FWednesday at Just because you had a bad experience with an astrologer, does not mean astrology is bogus.

Rate this topic 1 2 3 4 5. Theres nothing wrong in it. Posted April 20, Posted March 24, Posted May 26, I wanted a clear answer on why there are hadiths suggesting the imams believe in the zodiac 12 constellations while history tells us that it originated with idol worshippers, but noone on here seems to know much about it.

As well as Yusuf who had a dream of his brothers and jantrj, in the form of stars and moon and his dream made history.


Just because the doctor made a mistake, does not mean that his specialisation is itself fake, it is his own conduct that is to be blamed for. Imamia Jantri is a valid component of Islam and contains knowledge that has been practiced over centures. By zakiabbasDecember 12, in Australia and Others. Please learn to distinguish the truth before preaching to others to stop. Posted March 20, None of us including you are in the position to criticize or point your finger at these wise men as neither of you are in any level greater than them in wisdom, knowledge or relationship to God.

It’s confusing if it has no significance in Islam. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted May 18, True but its No bad eaither.

Imamia Jantari

I’ve never read one, but from what I know it relates the zodiac to the imams and gives advice on blessed and ill-fated days. I have a book with duas, prayers, and ziarats and it suggests I read the imamia jantri to know which days are blessed and which are ill-fated. I advise you to refrain from referring to jantaris. Posted April 21, Apple juice vs orange juice 1 2 By Ali-FWednesday at In today’s world, almost everything including Nacho chips are harram for some zealous “Muslims”.

From an understanding point of view For those of you who ridicule and consider astrology itself un-reliable it is solely ignorance on your perspective. Posted March 21, It has the power to change your destiny, especially if it is ill-fated.

Imamia Jantri 2007 free download

Posted May 20, Secondly, hazrat Ali, Imam Jaffer Sadiq and so forth all had more knowledge than the common man.


In today’s world, there are astrologers who rip people off by taking their money and making guesses that completely destroy the reputation of astrology itself.

To err is human and many of them may misguide you as some people here are confused themselves. Everything written and published by some folks proclaiming to be Shia doesn’t count as true and authentic. The power of dua is far greater than fate itself.

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Sign up for a new account in our community. Time and time again, the quran refers to the stars and the moon used as guidance for centuries in the interpretation of fate of mankind. Astronomy and astrological mathematics have been used by the kings of Persia followed the Star to pay greetings to hazrat-Eesa elahisalam. Posted May 19, However, as humans we have imwmia given the power of free will, we are allowed to fill in the gaps by the choices we make and jajtri we do, however whatever path we choose good or baddestiny is already predicted for each.

There are some nights hantri month where moon passes at a certain angle across the sun and the earth and this is known as Qamar Dar Aqrab, the moon is so close that it’s effects are strong like how the tides get shaped by the moonand usually negative.