This is the official Motorola ic Buzz User Guide in English provided from the manufacturer. If you are looking for detailed technical specifications, please see. iDEN ic WITH CDMA USERS MANUAL 1 details for FCC ID AZFT made by Motorola Solutions, Inc.. Document Includes User Manual. Nextel ic user manual by EllenWatson Issuu. September 18th, – Save this Book to Read nextel ic user manual PDF. eBook at.

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New batteries or batteries stored for a long time may take more time to charge.

Motorola ic502 Phone Manual

If you see an auto accident, crime in progress, or other serious emergency where lives are in danger, call or other local emergency number, as you would want others to do for you.

This feature is very useful in areas iv502 network coverage. Data Services on your phone.

Follow the prompts to make your choice. They can contain up to members.

Safety And General Information Your Motorola mobile device is designed to comply with local regulatory requirements in your country concerning exposure of human beings to RF energy. The scroll bar at the right of the menu keeps track of your position in the menu at all times.


Record Recipient creates a Voice Record of the call. You are automatically signed in to access data services when you turn on your phone.

To remove your SIM card: Calendar opens your appointment Calendar. Using Voicemail Using Voicemail Setting Up Your Voicemail All unanswered phone calls to your phone are automatically transferred to your voicemail, even if your phone is in use or turned off.


Product Registration Online Product Registration: Symbol o ,anual o Li Ion BATT o Choking Hazards Your mobile device or its accessories manuap include detachable parts, which may present a choking hazard to small children. Nextel-approved and Motorola-approved batteries and accessories can be found at Sprint Stores, through Motorola, or by calling to order.

Motorola ic Buzz Manual / User Guide

Page 29 call, press it to mute the ringer; press it twice to forward the call to voicemail. Though the browser is open, you are not kc502 in an active data session—that is, no data is being sent or received.

By playing the assigned ringer type. Enter your lock code.

The Location feature allows the network to detect your position. Press Assign left softkey. FCC Part 15, subpart B, section If you do not want your number displayed when you make a call, just follow these easy steps.

Entries for Group Walkie-Talkie and Talkgroups contain different information. View other service plans and options available.

Dialing From Contacts To dial directly from a Contacts mznual Press the first digit. To add a word to the Word English Text Input database: Service Features Section 4: If you press the Walkie-Talkie button to initiate a Walkie-Talkie call and your code is set to Receive All, you receive an error message. Products or Accessories with a serial numbers or date tags that have been removed, altered or obliterated; b broken seals or that show evidence i5c02 tampering; c mismatched board serial numbers; Press Save left softkey to save the entry.


Safety and Warranty Informati Silence All Sound Indicators Your phone can alert you with an audible tone when you change service areas, once a minute during a voice call, or when a call has been lost or connected. Entering Text Entering Text Selecting a Character Input Mode Your phone provides convenient ways to enter words, letters, punctuation, and numbers whenever you are prompted to i502 text for example, when adding a Contacts entry or when using SMS Text Messaging.

If502 47 – Entering characters using multi-tap mode Page 48 – Entering numbers and symbols Page 49 – Section 2: Smart Practices While Driving If you choose to use your mobile device while driving, remember the following tips: Sending an Incoming Call to Voicemail To send an incoming call directly to voicemail, do one of the following: Key Functions Audio Connector allows you to plug manyal an optional headset for convenient, hands-free conversations.

Motorola ic502 Buzz Manual / User Guide

Always use a Nextel-approved or Motorola-approved charger, or vehicle power adapter to charge your battery. Using The Calculator Tip: Managing Preset Messages Managing Preset Messages Your phone is programmed with 15 preset messages to help make sending text messages manyal and easier.

Motorola ic User Manual pages.