AUGUSTINE AND THE HORTENSIUS OF CICERO. By JOHN HAMMOND TAYLOR, S. J.. St. Augustine, in his student days at Carthage, as every reader. The Hortensius was a ‘protreptic’ dialogue written by Cicero. The protreptic was a genre of ancient philosophical literature that aimed to exhort the reader to the. One of the most extensive resources on the internet for the study of early Christianity. “Augustine on how he was influenced by reading Cicero’s Hortensius”.

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Hortensius posits that the visual arts are suitable for such a usage of free time. In 50, the year of his death, he successfully defended Appius Claudius Pulcher when accused of treason and corrupt cicer by Publius Cornelius Dolabellaafterwards Cicero’s son-in-law. Since Porcia was already married to Marcus Calpurnius Bibulus and had borne him two children, Cato refused to dissolve the marriage.

Quintus Hortensius

Having served during two campaigns in the Social War, he became quaestor in 81, aedile in 75, praetor in 72, and consul in Though he criticises him at various points, [15] Cicero’s respect for Hortensius is nortensius throughout, and he frequently mourns his rival’s death: The work defended the notion that genuine human happiness is to be found by using and embracing philosophy.

Augustine Through the Ages: Political De Imperio Cn.

Dicero meant Caesar was functioning as a de facto king, much to Cicero’s chagrin. The Death of Caesar: University of California Press, As the son-in-law of Quintus Lutatius Catulus through marriage to Lutatia, daughter of Catulus and Servilia he was attached to the aristocratic party, the optimates.


The Hortensius was modeled on Greek protreptic literature and takes hortensiux form of a dialogue. InMichel Ruch produced a fifty-three page thesis covering the influences, the date of composition, and structure of the Hortensiuswhile also examining its later influences and ultimate disappearance.

Eder, Walter; Strothmann, Meret Encyclopedia of Women in the Ancient World. In addition to Cicero passimsee Dio Cassius xxxviii. The cover the Teubner edition of Cicero’s complete works. At the age of 19, [25] he read the Hortensius there. IIIedited by C. Over the centuries, Hortensius’s orations were lost, and the last person reported in the literature to have read and commented upon one of Hortensius’s original works was the first century AD rhetorician Quintilian.

In it, Plasberg provides a hypothesized order to the fragments, and supplies a Latin introduction and commentary. Out of the four, Augustine preserved the largest portion of text, although the work is still considered lost.

Hortensius | work by Cicero |

Brill’s New Pauly, Antiquity Volumes. This last event shook him to his core, and in a letter to his friend Titus Pomponius Atticus horfensius, he wrote, “I have lost the one thing that bound me to life. Many of his clients were the governors of provinces which they were accused of having plundered.

Political De Imperio Cn.

Hortensius (Cicero)

Retrieved August 8, IIIedited by C. He also possessed a fine musical voice, which he could skillfully command. Retrieved August 9, This discussion quickly becomes one about otium Latin for leisurewhich Hortensius describes as “not those things which demand a great intellectual effort” quibus intedam rebus animumbut rather “those through which the mind can ease and rest sed quibus relaxem ac remittam. Lucullus interjects and promotes attending lectures and studying history as better use of otium.


But while it was popular for a time, the Hortensius survived only until around the sixth century AD, after which it was lost. Hortensius eventually delivers a speech defending oratory as the greatest of the arts.

This page was last edited on 26 Novemberat In 56, Hortensius admired Cato the Younger “so much that he wanted them to be kinsmen, not merely friends,” [4] and proposed to marry Cato’s daughter, Porcia Catoniswho was only about 20 years old at the time.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. The dialogue takes place at villa of Lucius Licinius Lucullusbetween 65 and 60 BC, during an unnamed feriae — an ancient Roman holiday. Retrieved July 14, Retrieved from ” https: After 63, Cicero gravitated towards the faction to which Hortensius belonged. In addition, Cicero’s daughter, Tulliawhom he loved greatly, [8] suddenly became ill and died during the month of February in the year of 45 BC.

Retrieved from ” https: