Inventor: Plauson Hermann; Original Assignee: Plauson Hermann; Priority date H PLAUSON CONVERSION OF’ATMOSPHE’R IC ELECTRIC ENERGY v. Conversion of atmospheric electric energy. United States Patent Inventors: Hermann, Plauson. Application Number: USA. Publication Date. Hermann Plauson was an Estonian engineer and inventor. Plauson investigated the production of energy and power via atmospheric electricity. Biography.

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As the cathode 2 is connected with the negatively charged earth, and therefore always acts as a negative pole, a form of rectification of the alternating current produced by the dynamo 3 is obtained, the second half of the period is always suppressed. Such reversing poles have the advantage that with large quantities of electrical energy the spark formation between the separate hernann circuits ceases.

By inserting the condenser 20 a connection between these conductors may also be made, whereby harmonic oscillations of desired wavelengths hermannn formed. But our author discards this idea and first suggests something more permanent. Another of his difficulties is that he must have his tower insulated from the earth. Two of these batteries 16 and 18 are made as plate condensers and prolonged by regulating induction coils or spirals 17 and 19 while the two others 21 and 23 are induction condensers.

They are however, usually in practice not brought on the central plxuson 7 but only held in the path of the bridge segments 4a and 3a in order not to connect the spark gaps with the motor oscillation circuit. The inner plates of the condenser 5 and 6 are charged from a spark gap 7, 8 connected to a source of energy of sufficiently high pressure alternating or direct currentuntil the potential has risen so far that a spark springs over.

It travels along the aerial A through the electromagnet S without begin checked as it flows in the same direction as the direct current.

The inductive earth pole is also connected with a second ring 10 from which again two, poles 1a and 2a are branched off. The novelty in this invention is firstly, the use of incandescent cathodes opposite positive poles which are connected with large metallic capacities as automatic collecting surfaces, 2 the connection of the incandescent cathodes with the earth whereby, in addition to the electricity conveyed to them from the battery or machine which causes the incandescing, also the negative charge of the earth potential is conveyed, and 3 the connection of the positive and negative poles of the radiating collectors over a condenser circuit alone or with the introduction of a suitable inductive resistance, whereby simultaneously an oscillatory oscillation circuit may be obtained.

It is alsopreferable to employ pressure. The effects which in this apparatus became evident are extremely interesting and open a prospect of being able to obtain here a great deal more. The primary alternating current thus obtained induces in the secondary circuit an alternating current the potential of which is dependent on the winding of the coil. By cutting the separate coils 9 coupled inductively to the aerial in or out the inductive action on the motor may be more or less increased or variable aerial action may be exerted on the oscillation circuit.


Now if we dispense with the ordinary ideas in forming light or flame arcs in which a cathode must always stand directly opposite an anode, charged to a high potential or another body freely floating in the air, or regard the incandescent cathode only as a source of unipolar discharge which represent group and point discharges in electrostatic machines similar to unipolar dischargesit may be ascertained that incandescent cathodes and less perfectly all incandescent radiators, flames and the like admit of relatively large current densities and allow large quantities of electric energy to radiate into the open space in the form of electron streams as transmitters.

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It is evident that a motor may also be directly connected to the ends of the spiral 9. Further, with such currents a series of apparatus may be fed without direct current supply through conductors and also the electro-magnetic high frequency currents may be converted by means of special motors adapted for electro-magnetic oscillations into mechanical energy, or finally converted by special machines into alternating current of low frequency or even into direct current of high potential.

A constant current of 1. This is however not the case as the earth does not represent a cosmically entirely insulated system.

A German engineer has, however, devised the somewhat elaborate scheme here shown in brief, and he has succeeded, at least so his report states, in safely extracting several kilowatts of electrical power from the atmosphere with metallic surfaced balloons, elevated to a height of only feet.

He proposes the erection of towers to be in the neighborhood of 1, feet high, or about the height of the Eiffel Tower. From this arrangement slightly damped oscillation wave currents are produced. Merely that these transformer made it possible to transform suitable quantities of atmospheric electricity into alternating current of high or lower frequency without the use of spark gaps shows already the extreme utility of these apparatus.

The circuit containing spark gap 8 having a different wave length which is not in resonance with the natural frequency of the motor, does not endanger the motor and serves as security against excess voltage, which, as practical experiments have shown, may still arise in certain cases, but can be conducted direct to earth through this spark gap.

After a quarter revolution the rotor plates are between the stator plates and therefore no condenser surface faces another. The two spark gaps are also connected metallically with the earth wire. The use of such tubes for producing undamped oscillations, and also the construction and method of inserting such transmission tubes in an accumulator or dynamo circuit is known and also that such oscillation producing tubes only work well at voltages of up to volts, so that on the contrary their use at lower voltages is considerably more difficult.

This, in turn, can attract more customers.

Figure 3 shows the simplest way of converting atmospheric electricity into electromagnetic wave energy by the use of special motors adapted for high oscillatory currents or static charges of electrical energy.


In order to produce in the improved collector coil uniform current oscillations of an undamped nature so-called audion high vacuum or thermionic tubes of suitable connection are employed instead of the previously known spark gaps Figure 26, Hermmann. This concrete block must be at least 2 metres from the ground and be fully protected at the sides by a wooden covering, from moisture.

The appliance consists of a number of copper tubes; within each one he proposes to burn uermann lamps, whose products of combustion will reach the aerial, a collecting net-work covering the tops of the tubes. A simple internal system of ribs, stays and wires, gives the balloon rigidity as well as a certain amount of elasticity. A simple internal system of ribs, stays and wires, gives the balloon rigidity as well as a certain plausin of elasticity.

Hermann Plauson

Since it is well known that the resistance of the spikes is less the sharper the spike is, for this purpose it is therefore extremely important to employ as sharp spikes as possible. Such metallic patches may also be applied to the entire balloon aswell as in greater thickness to the conducting network.

According to the previous constructions Figures 31 and 33 are quite self evident without further explanations.

Should however the voltage be increased by and influences so that it might be dangerous for charging the condensers 5 and 6 or for the coil insulation 9 and 10 in consequence of break down, by a correct regulation of this spark gap the second spark gap can discharge free from inductive effects direct to earth without endangering the machine.

Consequently with a reverse direction of current through the second half of the oscillation period all the hereinbefore mentioned effects take place in the reverse direction which, however, produces no alteration in the direction of rotation because the dead points between two directions of oscillation are overcome by inertia.

Hermann Plauson: Conversion of Atmospheric Electricity (Articles & patents)

One typical arrangement is shown in our illustration. The condenser motor shown in Figure 2 differs from Figure 1 by the rotor surfaces consisting of six condenser surfaces connected one behind the other in series and they are connected with three collector surfaces, so that at any one moment only hetmann adjacent collector surfaces come under the two brushes 3 and 4.

In Figure 16 instead of an inductance a condenser 6 is in similar manner, and for the same object inserted between the segments 3a and 4a. This foundation must rise at least seven feet above the ground level, and is to be boarded in on all sides to protect it from moisture.