+ – Aqueles que realmente se interessam pela casuística, conhecem a história de George Adamski, considerado por muitos como o mais célebre contatado. Explore Stuart Dickinson’s board “George Adamski – UFO – Contactee” on Flying Saucers Have Landed by Desmond Leslie and George Adamski Discos voadores, Desmond Leslie & George Adamski, Livros do Brasil, Libros de Segunda Mano – Parapsicología y Esoterismo – Ufología: George adamski dentro de los platillos voladores ufologia ovnis contactados. Compra, venta.

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Ver todas las apps de lectura gratuitas de Kindle. Detalles del producto Tapa blanda Editor: Revised 1 de junio de Idioma: Yes, it did require “thinking outside the box” to a degree, but I’ve also done a lot of research on Mr.

Adamski, and his revelations certainly seem real to me. One does not have to be delusional to believe in a better world or worlds, and that we MIGHT someday be able to reach such a level of development.

I say “might” because our present society seems determined to destroy itself as quickly as possible, and there are a LOT of selfish, unforgiving people out there.

66 best George Adamski – UFO – Contactee images on Pinterest | Flying saucer, Paranormal and UFO

It’s nice to be able to read a work such as this and realize that georfe were and ARE a lot of great people in this world who actually care about other people and who care about our future as geoege species on this planet.

However, It’s very sad that some people seem to really enjoy going around trying to cut people down who very well may have experienced different people and technology far superior to our own, to the point of actually being ‘jealous’ that such possibilities actually exist whether they like it or not. I really enjoyed this book, and say what you want, but I happen to believe every single word Mr Adamski has written. Claims that the aliens found him in adzmski restaurant then took him to their spaceship.

The space ship was described like being in the lobby zdamski a Hilton hotel somewhere and then he was met by two very beautiful alien women and then taken in space. Also every account of seeing aliens has been with them with weird looking eyes and odd shaped hands and heads even going back to at least B.


This book was mentioned in another book I had recently read, and imagine my surprise when I actually found it here. But after reading it, I must say, in hindsight to the time it was written,most of what he says rings true in todays known, accepted truths in the UFO field.

The insights of the aliens that he reports are almost line for line what the Pleaidians, SP? Their references to the Creator who runs the universe and beyond, and the message of how earth man MUST get on with their evolving beyond ignorance, war, material goods, the ego, and the false sense that we are merely humans, and not the truth of us being merely vessels for the souls inside each of us, and things that pull us farther away from our intended natural state as heavenly beings.

Also, some of the details he shares regarding the scout ships, and the mother ships, I don’t think could have been “made up”, as at that time, no one would have any reference point to merely create these things.

It would be easy in todays world to fabricate these details, all of us having been raised on Sci-Fi movies most of our lives, but back then,Sci-Fi was very innocent, in it’s infancy, georye did not have the engineering grasp of reality that todays does.

The photo’s alone are worth the low price at the very least.

I am a pretty picky book read. When I received this book I immediately started reading.

I just couldn’t put the book down once I started. I feel if this is NOT true then Mr. Adamski is the best science fiction writer to date. I don’t know how he remembered everything but he didn’t know how he was going to either.

First book that makes sense regarding the why’s and how’s. I do believe their are some travelers that are already here on our planet with a different interest in mind.

I wanted to read this book for a long time but was hesitant about purchasing it for reasons most likely similar to yours but it was well worth the wait librps the buy. I for one believe him and the people who witnessed this alongside him.

Flying Saucers Have Landed

I had developed an interest in the Adamski story after watching a short documentary about him and reading another book about his life written by Tony Brunt. Adamski had not been at University nor was he a scholar or talented writer – in fact most of his books were written with the help of his secretary.


Therefore i would find it very hard to believe that someone with not much imagination or talent at writing could be making up these stories with so much detail and emotional attachment packed into them. Not to mention he had no interest in financial gain as a result of his experiences. Also, had he been adamsko liar – his stories would have changed over time – but they didn’t, they always stayed the same and retained the great adamskki of detail and when being re-told with the same enthusiasm by Adamski.

I would only recommend this book adamaki people with open minds, that already know a great deal about the ufo phenomena but would definitely not recommended it to the skeptics, unless they’d done their research.

This is because this book would come across as science fiction to someone with a very narrow perspective and a very closed and underdeveloped mind. Overall i found this to be an enjoyable book full of inspirational details and spiritual truths that humankind could benefit of – should they make the choice of actually listening to it and applying it in their own lives. I was also very impressed with the book’s great condition and with how fast it arrived, so, top marks to the people selling and distributing it!

Flying Saucers Have Landed by George Adamski

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