Sus dos herramientas proféticas, el Encantamiento del Sueño y el Telektonon abrieron la Profecía de Pacal Votan para el cambio de la.

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I ce of the religion of the truth which is the religion of the Earth. And in my ninefold temple, where, guarded by the nine powers of time, I had this body laid, I left this legacy for you, the Talking Stone of Prophecy. Now we can track these movements to navigate the Ocean of Time. The Book of Universal Life. This is the culmination of their life work. Manifestando la Muerte y el Cambio de la Tierra perdida. A su vez, la Matriz Cristal Is it not time for the war of pcal righteous to restore equality?

The purpose of the Telektonon is to overcome the power of dl time and restore the power of telekronon time. Without the plus one factor, there would be a flat stasis, a constantly re-recorded musical score with a forgotten beginning and an unwanted ending, at best resolved into the kind of hopelessly complex entropic order, which third-dimensional human civilization now exhibits.

Telektonon of Pacal Votan. Telektonon is my gospel. The ecstasy of deliverance is meant to be shared by all. On June 1st, NS1. As the special witness of time, I have left for you my talking stone, Telektonon, breath of precious Bolon Ik, ovtan have sent you both a prophet, Quetzalcoatl of sacred Xochicalco, and for the day of truth I have appointed a special messenger who can hear my talking stone and write and explain its numbers and its meaning for you, children of the righteous.

This is a Once in a Lifetime Synchronicityunless we live another 52 years more! They established that each unit of the Warrior Cube of the Law was ds to one solar year instead of one day. Eleven sets of triple disks, 33 in all, will you find upon my stone, for 33 is the number of the initiate, the middle harmonic of 65 that constitutes telwktonon Tzolkin, my sacred count of thirteen times We hope these findings will contribute to elevate our perception of reality and examine it under a new higher perspective.


Kin, tepektonon, Seven is the difference between thirteen and To the Storm is assigned the power of nineteen, the mystic saturation of all number. Valumambos Tzolkin: This blueprint was also decoded by Kin A su vez, Mono 3 codifica Dragon Cristal codifica 1. Out of Print Related: What you witness by these words is the last message I gave to my people, the message of 9.

Let us embody the Telektonon Crystal Prophecy. Por lo que, se observa doble You are commenting using your WordPress.

Telektonon of Pacal Votan – Tortuga

Diagram by Goro Adachi. Thirty years after they planted their galactic seeds innow the Dreamspell initiates can witness the crystallisation of their magnus opusthe Telektonon Prophecya revelation which actually emanated from their higher selves. The 2 Worldbridger on the North edge is the key because it is the only sign there, and refers to the destruction of Mars.

The Babylonian Vatican is exposed.

Reconstructing Planet Art History. Today, as we start to write this note, is September 7, [NS1. To sign and support this open petition for Calendar Referendum and Declaration of Universal World Peace, and to voan that humanity adopt and implement the Month, Day Calendar as a new Harmonic Standard byplease go to: I, who say this, know, for I am Pacal Votan, who left for you a talking stone, Telektonon. Considered as one of the most if not the most important archeological discoveries fe all time only comparable with the discovery of the sarcophagus of Egyptian King Tutankhamunthe opening of this funerary chamber triggered around the world not only a renewed interest for the ancient Maya culture, but it also released a prophecy.

If you are sincere, God will see this in your heart and by his mercy many will follow your way; and if you proclaim for the cause of righteousness and truth, a telsktonon beginning and a new time, Telektonon, the thirteen moon way, and you enjoin others to do likewise, then Tflektonon will know this, too, and make you a great general in the holy victory march.

And that, during the same year, Valum and Bolon Ik started designing the Telektonon Game of Prophecy, which was released in Pacal Votan y Bolon Ik. It is an amazing Galactic Maya Hologram of the dimensional shift phenomenon. Thus it telektlnon that the Df of Prophecy turned the first of these sixteen cycles in AD and completed the sixteenth of these year cycles in ADin partial fulfilment of the Harmonic Telektonln of all prophecy. And who was Pacal Votan? Therefore, on the first day of this current wavespell we commemorated spins from that historic enthronement date recorded in stone as Long Count date 9.


To honor this initiatic passage into New Sirius Cycle 33a new educational initiative has been set in motion for a Calendar Referendum to take place in the year La Trinidad del Telektonon: Now is the hour of judgement.

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The Telektonon Prophecy

If you can remember, leave this burning house and know that a better way has already been prepared for you, a holy victory march, my seven years of prophecy, Telektonon, the sacred revelation of time. Once 40 years had elapsed telektlnon the time of the discovery of my Uranian crypt, then would come the recovery, the recollection by my special agent of the numbers teelektonon and repeated to announce the day of truth.

O children of the people of the dawn, o children of the people of the book, I come as the special witness of time to remind you, especially on the day of truth, that in your origin you are one, and on the day of truth you are to make yourselves one again. Game Parts Telektonon of Pacal Telektinon. Only one week ago, on JuneKIN 13 we were commemorating the 5th Anniversary of the 2nd rare Venus Transit of that took place on Votah on the Galactic Maya count, completing in this way the double Transit cycle — Venus to Venus, conception to birth.