Praise. Praise for Alejandro Zambra’s Bonsai “The ‘last truly great book’ I read has to be Alejandro Zambra’s Bonsai. A subtle, eerie, ultimately wrenching. Through both the distance and closeness of these young lovers, Alejandro Zambra brilliantly explores the relationship between art, love, and life. Bonsai is. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Bonsai by Alejandro Zambra.

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See 2 questions about Bonsai….

So as a result I’m looking for another “fix” by this wonderful author and I already have my eyes set on his most recent book! They liked it almost enough to get hot from it. Exhort alejjandro fledgling dreams to a palpable fruition? Is it an irony that when I begun writing this review, the cafe was playing this track and now, I am hearing this track? Yet aljeandro perhaps aambra the book to splay the characters out in this way, for they are charming, wistfully funny, and completely believable. Attest our timidity as a prelude to stronger days?

We follow Julio and Emilia – the two people who in the span of less than hundred pages became people I was more than acquainted with. Si rimane zxmbra affamati alla fine della lettura: And while one could certainly question why both the book and the tree should be made so small, both are undeniably fascinating.

Was it a very bad year? I encourage readers to get a copy and read it—bizarre and an incredible complement to this novella complement in its older sense of something which completes. In a way, they are creating literature and as their relationship continues, full of lies and truths and half-truths like any young couple, they further fl depth as characters both literally and metaphysically.

Surely it would have been better with a Chilean translator who would know all the literary nuances relating to the language of that country?

Bonsai by Alejandro Zambra

alsjandro Read it and tell me what you think!! The rest is literature: Bonsai is the story of Julio and Emilia, a young Chilean couple who become lovers almost inadvertently. In the story of Emilia and Julio, in any case, there are more omissions than lies, and fewer omissions than truths, truths of the kind that are called absolute. There is this wonderful Spanish verb used, follar, and I wonder if the translator has indeed zanbra it correctly.


When that boundary erodes, so too does love. And the two are going to stay with me for a little while longer.

In the end Emilia dies and Julio does not die. So, a long-winded approach to a review of Bonsai. View all 36 comments. Conozco a gente que odia los libros que cuentan los finales al principio, la verdad es que si el libro hubiese sido largo, yo igual lo hubiera odiado. Those affinities that seem so significant are really irrelevant; love is nothing more than keeping the rest of the world out.

Isn’t what counts the telling? The two lovers take central stage, but their props alejanrdo books and their dialogue centers around books for most of the first third of the narrative; this gives the story unexpected depth. I boonsai to bed and woke up at 4 am. While this comparison is valid, the book urges us zammbra look more deeply at the similarities. Anita, of course, knew that studying literature was not Emilia’s lifelong dream, but rather a whim directly related to her recent reading of Delmira Augustini.

Julio and Emilia lie to one another on their first sexual encounter, both claiming to have read Marcel Proustand embellish the lies with partly-true details to bring their falsehoods to life. Bonsai by Alejandro Zambra Goodreads Author.

It seems a simple plot but the message wants to be deeper. Were the critics all first year double majors in post-modern literature and philosophy? Breaking of heart, again: It is wonderful when a long, dark night is followed by the resuscitating ray of the morning sun.

Bonsai by Alejandro Zambra

Arrest us in the powerful aura of words? The novella — and the relationship, and their very lives — revolve around that one short story they read together, and a variation of which Julio types out in a novel called Bonsai This, then, is a light story that turns heavy.


Wl, too, with the novel. Beyond making a note to read one of the key short stories that define the relationship between Julio and Emilia and the reason Julio chooses to commemorate their love with a bonsai.

Bonsai – Alejandro Zambra

In an oblique way, this is a book about literature. Yes, that is what his characters do, but in reading it I have that same sensation of glibness. We also realize something more about Julio: Review by Elizabeth Wadell Tags: Cast a succor net on our isolated struggles?

There is a smiling bonsai somewhere tucked in the corner here, perhaps. View all 8 comments. Where was my beautiful and normal dawn chorus? The narrative was simple and the vocabulary did not raise many difficulties. Let’s say that she is called or was called Emilia and that he is called, was called, and continues to be called Julio.

Nevertheless, in spite of its brevity, it runs the alejanrdo A bonsai has to be nurtured and truly loved or else it will die; likewise, unless one does the same thing with human love, that will also die.

To see the comparisons between Madrid, Spain and Chile also adds an extra dimension to this story. Nov 27, Stephen rated it it was amazing. I only wanted a local short novel to read between transfers on my recent trip to Chile, and I ended up with this precious gem of a poem in prose, heavy with the memories of my own lost youth among books bomsai movies and lost loves that I know nothing about today.

They abandon Madame Bovary fifty pages before the end, and: