As Karen Warren’s book Ecofeminist Philosophy. () illustrates, a key insight of ecological feminism is captured by the phrase “it’s all connected.” In more. While this full-length book could be considered the culmination of over a decade of Karen Warren’s prolific career theorizing about ecofeminist issues as a. Ecofeminist Philosophy by Karen J. Warren, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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They mustunite the demands of the women’s movement with those of theecological movement to envision a radical reshaping of the basicsocioeconomic relations and the underlying values of this [modernindustrial] society.

How does an ecofeminist perspective philpsophy one understand issues of environmental and social justice? The historical lmks suggest that data from the social sciences onwomen, development, and the environment are important undertakings inmany areas of philosophy.

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Waeren both models, nature was female. Ecofeminist Philosophy and Spirituality show more. Is traditional Marxism fertile soil for ecofeminism? Sometimes, however, the empirical and experiential connectionsbetween women and nature are intended to reveal important culturaland spiritual ties to the earth honored and celebrated by some women and indigenous peoples.

Ecofeminist Philosophy : A Western Perspective on What It is and Why It Matters

Minimally, the goal of ecofeminist environmental ethics is to developtheories and practices concerning humans and the natural environmentthat are not male-biased and provide a guide to action in theprefeminist present Warren For instance, suppose by “feminism” one means “liberal feminism. What are the characteristics of oppressive conceptual frameworks and systems of unjustified domination? Account Options Sign in. As Carolyn Merchant asks,”Is there a set of assumptions basic to the science of ecology thatalso holds implications for the status of women?


So where do ecological feminists fit in? How are the unjustified dominations of women and other humans connected to the unjustified domination of animals and nonhuman nature? Warren – – In Karen Warren ed.

Ecofeminist Philosophy : Karen J. Warren :

Unravelling the Problems in Ecofeminism. How does an ecofeminist perspective help one understand issues of environmental and social justice? This book presents the key issues, concepts, and arguments which motivate and sustain ecofeminism from a western philosophical perspective.

Typically theseemerging epistemologies build on scholarship currently under way infeminist philosophy, whigh challenges mainstream views of reason,rationality, knowledge, and the nature of the knower see APA Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy As review of the literature overview given above reveals, the fouressays included in this section provide only a glimpse of thepositions advocated by ecofeminists. Bridging the Gap Between Law and Wwarren.

When historicaldata are used to generate theories concerning the sources of thedominations of women and nature, it is also causal. What else was in place topermit and sanction these twin dominations?

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Ecofeminist Philosophy

Theorizing Backlash Anita M. Riane Eisler describesthe time before these invasions as a “matrifocal, matrilineal,peaceful agrarian era. Sterba – – Ethics 1: Sign in to use this feature. It depends, in part, on what one means by”ecofeminism. There were times, however, when I felt that parts of her project where either underdeveloped or could benefit from additional analyses. Appealing tothe argumentative significance of first-person narrative and emergingecofeminist ethics of care, kinship, and appropriate reciprocity,Warren concludes that any feminism, environmentalism, orenvironmental philosophy that fails to recognize importantwoman-nature connections is simply inadequate.


In this essay I offer an introduction to the literature and issuesof ecofeminism. A Western Perspective on What It Is and Why It Matters is written to be a “straightforward, nontechnical, but nonetheless philosophical book on ecofeminism,” which is intended to appeal to “undergraduate and graduate students, lay readers, and academics who are interested in contemporary issues in women’s and feminist studies, environmental studies, warrren environmental philosophy” x.

Ecofeminism raisessignificant issues about the philosophical conceptions of the self,knowledge and the warern, reason and rationality, objectivity, and ahost of favored dualisms that form the backbone of philosophicaltheorizing, even the conception of philosophy itself.

Violence and Nonviolence Barry L. These sociopsychological factors provide a conceptual link insofar asthey kraen embedded in different conceptualization structures andstrategies “different ways of knowing”coping strategies and waysof relating to nature for women and men.

It would make an excellent introductory textbook for a class on environmental philosophy, feminist studies, or ecofeminism. Other books in this series.

Feminist Vegetarianism and the Reproduction of Racial Identity. Some connect rape and pornography withmale-gender identified abuse of both women and nature e.