September 22, STATUS OF UNITED NATIONS REGULATION ECE UNIFORM PROVISIONS CONCERNING THE APPROVAL OF: INTERNAL. Validation of MFG claims on power testing per UN/ECE R85 must be witnessed by UN representative. •! The U.S. never signed the ECE Treaty. Regulation ECE R10 (“old directive” //CE – electromagnetic compatibility ) ECE R85 (net power and maximum 30 minutes power of electric drive trains).

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Gas fuel used for the test: Engine bonnet Bonnet air outlet. Setting of injection pump delivery system.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Alternatively, instead of affixing these approval marks and symbols to the drive train, the manufacturer may decide that each drive train type approved under this Regulation shall be accompanied by a document giving this information so that the approval marks and symbol can be attached to the vehicle. The following information, if applicable, shall be supplied in triplicate and include a list of contents.

Ecee of the net power 5. Maximum temperature at reference point: Description of the system: Cooling of the liquid may be produced either by the drive exe radiator, or by an external circuit, provided that the pressure loss of this circuit and the pressure at the pump inlet remain substantially the rr85 as those of the drive train cooling system.


EUR-Lex – X(01) – EN – EUR-Lex

The torque measuring system shall be calibrated to take friction losses into account. If ecce gas fuel used for the test is not a reference fuel, composition of that gas: Engine speed min —1.

Auxiliaries to be removed Certain vehicle accessories necessary only for operation of the vehicle and which may be mounted on the engine shall be removed for the test.

In case of dispute the fuel used shall be the reference fuel G20 specified in Annex 8 if the engine is labelled for the H-range of gases, or the reference fuel G23 if the engine is labelled for the L-range of gases, i. Location of the approval mark: Temperatures admitted by g85 manufacturer 4.

Tell me more Go straight to site. For positive ignition engines and dual-fuel engines fuelled with LPG: The Type Approval Authority may then either:. Electric drive train s: It shall be accompanied by the description, in triplicate, of the drive train comprising all the relevant particulars referred to:.

Internal combustion engine At controller reference point s: Net Power of Internal Combustion Engine During the tests to verify conformity of production, the power shall be measured at two engine speeds S1 efe S2 corresponding respectively to the measurement points of maximum power and maximum torque accepted for type approval. Pressure after charge air cooler, kPa. Description of tests for internal combustion engines 5.


Technical data of Ecs reference fuels. Measurements shall be carried out according to the provisions of Annex 5 to this Regulation. When applicable, the additional character s in the approval marking required by Regulation No 49, the purpose of which is to distinguish the type of engine for which the approval has been granted e. Gas and dual-fuel engines.

Of the cooling fluid. Annex 4 – Appendix formerrenumber as “Annex 5 – Appendix”.

Measurements shall be carried out according to the provisions of Annex 5 to this Regulation. Specifications and tests 6. Type or number of the control unit: Temperatures admitted by the manufacturer. Drive train or set of drive trains submitted for approval on: