Henri Dutilleux’s Cello Concerto Tout un monde lointain () is so intimately wrapped up in his relationship with Mstislav Rostropovich, the work’s dedicatee. Dutilleux’s rapturous cello concerto written for Mstislav Rostropovich, is the highlight on this sensuous, stunningly performed disc. The music of Henri Dutilleux figured prominently in concerts of the National Symphony Tout un monde lointain? is one of the numerous concerted works.

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The superscription comes from the same poem as the title of the entire work: The principal motif of this central section is foreshadowed at the end of the cadenza in Enigme. Lointwin line is printed in full on the title page of the score:. Back American Opera Initiative.

It was at Rostropovich’s urging, however, that Dutilleux got round to the project, and the tuot was recorded by Rostropovich and Serge Baudo shortly after they gave the premiere in July The opening movement sets out a basic dialogue between solo cello and orchestra, wide-ranging in tempo and registral effects, but with no sense of resolution between the protagonists.

Hold on to your dreams: Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Experience durilleux Digital Stage. Share on facebook twitter tumblr. Concertante music by Henri Dutilleux. Visit The John F.

DUTILLEUX Cello Concerto “Tout un monde lointain” |

The work was initially commissioned by Igor Markevitch for the Concerts Lamoureux and Mstislav Rostropovich around The cello line is once again modal. Allegro “Garde tes songes: In addition to the solo cello part, the concerto is scored for two flutes, piccolo, two oboes, two clarinets, bass clarinet, two bassoons, contrabassoon, three horns, two trumpets, two trombones, tuba, celesta, harp, timpani, percussion bongos, tom-toms, snare drum, bass drum, crotales, triangle, suspended cymbals, cymbals, gongs, tam-tams, xylophone, marimba, and glockenspieland strings.


Although it is one of the most significant concertante works for cello and orchestra to have appeared during the second part of the twentieth century, the words cello concerto do not appear anywhere on the score of Tout un Monde Lointain A Whole Remote World. You contain, sea of ebony, a dazzling dream Of sails, of rowers, of flames and masts.

Tout un monde lontain; Metaboles; Mystere de l’instant. These “Enigma,” “Gaze,” “Surges,” “Mirrors,” and “Hymn” dutilelux something of the atmosphere of the whole, but are not to be interpreted too literally. The cello part was edited by the Dutilleuxx cellist and published with his fingerings. The orchestra is treated in a sectionalized, pointilliste fashion. The second and fourth sections are slow moving, while the third has the function of a scherzo, with solo writing of enormous technical difficulty.

The cello part is consistently in the high register.

Violin Concerto; Cello Concerto. Mstislav Rostropovich Orchestre de Paris. While it might be said that the impact of Baudelaire is somewhat more directly felt in this music than that of Vincent van Gogh is in Timbres, espace, movement, and while Dutilleux in this case even provides descriptive dutillwux headings in which he quotes lines from the poems, what we have here is not?

Tout un monde lointain Introspection Late Night Partying.

Tout un monde lointain. . ., concerto for cello & orchestra

The title Dutilleux chose,? Allegro “Keep your dreams: Rostropovich in the second half of the last century, the original suggestion in loinntain case did not come from him, but from another distinguished Russian-born musician, the conductor and composer Igor Markevitch, who approached Dutilleux around with the idea of his writing a cello concerto.


Structurally, the work is extremely complex. A whole distant world There is no break or pause between the movements. A phrase, modal in essence, often interrupted by silences or by slow pulsations from percussion.

Towards the end, the note motif that opened the work reappears. A cadenza-like introduction by the soloist punctuated by chords?

Wide and ample ” And in this strange and symbolic nature”. The whole orchestra is used, but, as with the opening, the final notes are entrusted to the soloist.

DUTILLEUX Cello Concerto “Tout un monde lointain”

There are five movements. It is accompanied by calm, liquid pulsation from the percussions and “mirror” chords played by the harp as well as phrases in backwards motion by the violins. The final movement “Hymn” is in the form of a vibrant Allegro, though the enigmatic overall feel of the work is still evident here.

Log In Log In. Orchestra basically the brass, muted and pianissimowith a few strings, percussion both keyboard and metallic and harp. Back Plan Your Trip. Dutilleux quite specifically did not label this work a concerto? Company Description History Past Productions. Search Search Gift Shop cart Cart. A Whole World Distant? The Greatest Cello Concertos.