casa bianchi Architectural Section, Modern House Plans, Villa, Interior . Mario Botta: Riva san Vitale Lugano, Carlo Scarpa, Single Family, Home And. The Bianchi House by architect Mario Botta was built in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland in House at Riva San Vitale Designed by Mario Botta by praenim in Types > School Work > Study Guides, Notes, & Quizzes.

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I’m a first-year architectural technology student doing a group research project on Drawinggs Botta’s Bianchi house at Riva San Vitale,but in the course of my research, I haven’t found specific information regarding the construction materials, building technologies and structural systems, or environmental systems used the home’s design. I would greatly appreciate anyone’s guidance in locating im resources, construction notes or documents, including floor plans and section details, used in the home’s construction that relate to any of the specifics I mentioned above.

There are tons of plans available with a simple google search. Detail drawings will be harder to find. But, any architecture school library should have some Botta books that touch on the subject.


Architecture students have drawn and researched that building to death. There is plenty houss info out there.

Images shared above is great. I think it is also very necessary to take proper decisions before designing. Architecture involves creativity where we can apply lot of new things to make the look of house, building, library etc more beautiful.

Bianchi house at Riva San Vitale research project

Interior designing is a kind of art which is not an easy task. Most of the people higher professional architecture for a beautiful construction of their house, it also includes better quality material for the construction of the house.

You can use pgt windows miami for installation of doors and windows. Because one of my friends suggested that bottx Impact doors and windows have better air filtration and water resistance quality.

Bianchi house at Riva San Vitale research project | Forum | Archinect

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