xsltproc and libxslt are not specifically dependant on DocBook, but since a lot of people use xsltproc and libxml2 for DocBook formatting, here are a few pointers. The docbook-html5 project is a set of XSLT stylesheets for transforming DocBook 5 Examples given here use xsltproc, an open source cross-platform XSLT. Reason: missing introduction (Discuss in Talk:DocBook#) xsltproc /usr/share/ xml/docbook/$(pacman -Q docbook-xsl | cut -d ‘ ‘ -f 2 | cut -d ‘-‘ -f.

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It can be a temporary location because you can move the few files xxsltproc really need to a new location. Xalan is very easy to install because it is a Java program and requires no compiling.

Install xsltproc and FOP to generate a PDF from a docbook document |

The following table lists past and current Java versions:. Program listings Formatting listings Tab expansion Fitting text Full-width examples Reducing font size Breaking long lines External code files Missing text Using XInclude for text inclusions Annotating program listings Line annotations Line numbering Callouts Callouts on imported text Callouts on graphics Xzltproc highlighting Chapter Since they install into separate directories, you may need to add several PATH entries.

Bibliographies Bibliography entries Bibliography database Bibliography database catalog entry Citing bibliographic entries Numbered bibliography entries Sorting a bibliography Customizing bibliography output Xslfproc bibliography standard Bibliography title RefDB bibliographic database Chapter There is a version of xsltproc for Cygwin.

For example, find and copy thefollowing files into C: It is under active development, as are several of the standards that it implements.

Sample application using Xalan in a Java servlet. But you may want it for other stylesheets. If these steps proceed without error, you should be able to run xslyproc command to test it: That compiler is generally available on all Linux distributions, and is also available for many Unix systems. Installing xsltproc on Linux.


Processing profiled versions

Use this profiling stylesheet: If you are not using any of these xaltproc in your documents, then you have no need to turn on the extensions. Stylesheet options Chapter 6.

However, there is no harm in turning them on. There may be several saxon jar files there, labeled by the version number of Saxon. The section on installing Saxon included an optional step for downloading the Ddocbook parser.

Imports a text file into an example and escapes any characters that would otherwise be interpreted as markup. It gives you the same command shells and utilities that are available docboko Linux systems.

However, they are not actually turned on by default because the overall use. Then you can execute the Xalan java command that includes a stylesheet, an input filename, and any number of Xalan options. These functions are contained in a file named xalan The Instant Saxon processor is a precompiled version of Saxon 6.

Install xsltproc and FOP to generate a PDF from a docbook document

Languages, characters and encoding Document encoding Output encoding Saxon output character representation Special characters Special characters in output Space characters Missing characters Language support Using the lang attribute Using language parameters Language codes Extending the set of languages Text direction Chapter They are enabled by setting various stylesheet parameters. If for some reason Xalan does not work, you may need to know what version of Xalan and Java you are running to track down the problem.


Positions callout markers in programlistingco and screenco based on the area coordinates. You will know it is working if you can execute the following command in a Command shell to list the version information:. That profiling-only stylesheet is useful when your document contains xref or link which cannot be resolved with the single-pass processing, or if you are using an XSLT processor that does not support the EXSLT node-set function.

If your version of Xalan is earlier that 2. Java versions Product name Java Versions Java 1. This section describes how to install the free processors.

docbook-apps message

Glossary database Glossary database catalog entry Links in a glossary collection Glossary sorting Chapter The installation of xsltproc is platform dependent since it is a compiled C program. The backslashes mean the line continues docboo, break, but is shown here on separate lines for clarity.

Using the Xerces parser with Saxon. The options are listed at http: This requires two separate XSLT processes run in sequence. Macintosh users can download dodbook from http: Introduction How this book is organized Online resources for finding solutions to problems Chapter 2. Put the file in a convenient location.

In this example, the parameter named use. Default value is zero. For example, if you set the stylesheet parameter profile. If a parameter value includes spaces or special characters, put it in quotes. You can find out which Docook is on your system by executing java -version.