Player’s Handbook 3 (), by Mike Mearls with Bruce R. Cordell and Robert J. Schwalb, is the third core player’s book for D&D 4e. Player’s Handbook 3: A 4th Edition D&D Core Rulebook [Mike Mearls, Rob Heinsoo, Robert J. Schwalb] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Player’s Handbook 3 for 4E D&D adds to the game with a pile of new character options. New races, classes, the Psionic Power Source.

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Power Points can also be used to Augment other stuff, particularly some Magic Items. Wednesday, 30th December, Friday, 5th January, For some reason, the artists seem to think that every Psionic class need some sort of halo of Psionic energy around them.

The Dice of Doom is a blog about gaming, being a gamer and general interest content suitable for nerds. Friday, 25th December, If you d&v felt limited by the multiclassing rules and wanted to have a character who, from level 1, was defined by two classes, then the hybrid character rules are definately good, and worth using.

Table of All D&D 4E Character Classes [Updated – Player’s Handbook 3]

Allow Non-Kalashtar to “initiate” the conversation Whilst not technically Plant creatures, Wilden are basically anthropomorphic nature spirits. The only question is why on earth you can only slap someone in the face once every encounter…. Take of it what you will.

The Psion has a reduced range of options, but can choose to augment those options best suited to the situation. There are also options which boost certain damage types, improve defences, and similar bonuses.


In a curious move, some number insignificant number of the Powers basically allow you to use one skill check in place of another, such as an Arcana check instead of Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate.

By hornedturtle in forum Living Eberron. Many of their Powers grant bonuses to allies adjacent to either you, or to your target.

Luckily, the powers are designed to be Controllery, but I think most people will probably ignore this one for a Psion Paragon Path. I would have liked to see the class support far better solid control.

The new hybrid class system allows you to literally have two classes, from level 1. This may sound lame… except for the fact that multiple At-Wills and quite some number of Encounter Powers actually count as Ranged Basic Attacks. Dragon Issue – Aug What are the new options like, and what impact will this have on how the game runs? Learn More I supported because… “A s&d and plankton filled environment that enables me to thrive! Dragon Issue – Jul Obviously, he is phn3 at the “Initiate of the X Wind” feats, specifically, the East Wind adds 1d6 lightning damage to unarmed attacks.

As they level, they can retrain for better At-Wills, and they gain more Power Points. The main problem that many Leaders face is lack of appropriate allies. Like the Shardmind, written fine as a monster, but not so great as a player character. No, the base class for the Monk is in PHB3 and without that book, you won’t be able to make a Monk character. The PHB3 features a few new races: The power of the Battlemind is their versatility, both from their overall capabilities, and their use of Power Points.


More Information Edit History.

D&D 4E Player’s Handbook 3: In-Depth Review | Dice of Doom

They have the latest incarnation of Flurry of Blows, which allows them to deal additional damage to the target or nearby creatures when they attack. The Powers have a good mix of single- and multi-target effects, with a very good selection of proper control Powers. Phb lightning damage kinda fits as well.

Sign up 44e Facebook. Anyone who likes Warhammer Dwarves will likewise be quite comfortable with the feel of this class. They do not replace the existing multiclassing system, but offer an alternative depending on exactly how you want your character to be defined.

There are also additional feats for continued support for forced movement, and for specific weapon categories, which is good to see. The racial Paragon Path mirrors these advantages and disadvantages.