Annex A to Lesson Plan. DK DATE: JUN UIC: EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE AND INSPECTION WORKSHEET. W1L4E1. DA FORM E. The DA Form E, is an ULLS-G form that replaces the manual DA Form , PMCS Worksheet. The E has three sections: * Equipment Data identifies. The data on DA Form E is divided into three sections. EQUIPMENT DATA; The top section of the form gives basic information from the ULLS-G equipment.

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Lasting Property, Non-expendable, Expendable. Identify the Difference Between Accountability and Responsibility. Identify the Difference Between Accountability and Responsibility, cont Responsibility Relationships, continued one incurs by assuming a command or supervisory position.

Construction Progress Meeting Agenda. Maintenance personnel use this form to record all uncorrected faults that 5988 not deadline deficiencies.

Question 2 Correct response is: This lesson provides you with hands-on training for conducting PMCS. Direct Responsibility The hand receipt is the primary method of assigning direct responsibility. Question 2 During your PMCS, you find a fault that you cannot repair, what is the first thing you must do?

There are five types of responsibility, and this lesson will describe of all five: Supervisory responsibility is inherent in all supervisory positions, 5988d not contingent upon signed receipts or PLDC JUN 01 Presents tips on organizing paperwork. This is because of the impact this type of equipment has on operational readiness fogm it fails to operate. Hand Receipts You will use Hand Receipts DA Form to list property book or durable items issued to the user and to establish direct responsibility to the person whose signature appears on the hand receipt.

  IFM SI5000 PDF

An Overview of Nuclear Power Plants.

Department of the Army (DA) Forms –

Question 6 Correct Response is: Also, you learned the difference between accountability and responsibility. Conduct inventories and issue appropriate 5898e receipts, Ref: If you find a deficiency or shortcoming during your inspection, enter the calendar date in block 5. Would it be a form of vorm if someone disagrees with a post and gets all beeped and blanked out about it?

DA Form Equipment receipts. Enter the serial numbers or administration numbers in ink when using the form for more than one non-reportable item. This is a formal set of property accounting records and files maintained at the user level.


DA FormFrm Upon return of the property to you, destroy both copies of the temporary hand receipt. Importance of establishing the habit of processing routine paperwork; Ways to boost creativity in handling paperwork.

Enter the name or noun nomenclature. We use PMCS to inspect and maintain virtually every item of equipment and clothing we use or wear. You would check to see that ordered parts are not overdue, that corrected faults are no longer open, and that faults are not taking too long to repair. Thoroughly account for all equipment. However, as a first line supervisor you will surely be signing and issuing hand receipts, temporary hand receipts, and equipment receipts.


Enforcing all security, safety, and accounting requirements. A crucial part of maintaining equipment readiness is PMCS. Deferred maintenance actions are authorized delays for repair or maintenance.

You prepare the form in two copies you may reproduce them and keep all copies current. Custodial Responsibility Custodial responsibility can get you into trouble easily.

This circled X status applies for one time-limited use only such as driving a vehicle with defective brakes to the maintenance shop.

Where can i get a blank DA Form 5988-E? and not on form flow?

Introduction Purpose The modern battlefield is a highly technological, volatile battlefield. You will receive the form with the heading already filled in by the ULLS computer. When two TMs cover an item, put the second TM number and date in the second number and date block.