MMS – Portugal -Clorito de sodio – Dioxido de cloro – Compra em Portugal · MMS-Clorito de Explicação geral MMS e autismo MMS, O DOCUMENTÁRIO . MMS – Portugal -Clorito de sodio – Dioxido de cloro – Compra em Portugal · MMS-Clorito de Sódio .. ANDREAS KALCKER MMS MMS NÃO É TÓXICO!!!. Miracle Mineral Solution (soluzione minerale miracolosa), conosciuta anche come Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS), è il termine colloquiale per indicare un prodotto pericoloso per la salute che contiene in soluzione acquosa il 28% di clorito di sodio (sostanza.

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Estamos en Guerra Espiritual Los Hijos de la Serpiente acechan incansablemente por tu Alma De todos y cada uno depende el contribuir a generar Luz en medio de la Oscuridad La sustancia, lejos de ser curativa, puede producir consecuencias graves sobre mm salud.

Que esto da carpetazo al asunto. Le adjunto un resumen de la misma: Difundir esto por todos los medios a vuestro alcance.

Miracle Mineral Solution or Trojan Horse? Yesterday we received the following e-mail: Miracle or Trojan Horse. As you probably know I am the one that discovered MMS. I discovered it 14 years ago and among many things up to this time last year more than 5 million people had downloaded my free MMS book. Mant [sic] more by now. I am 78 years old, and I have treated over people personally by handing them the MMS solution in person in Africa and countries not in Africa.

I have seen more people get well from incurable diseases than any cloito person. Counting the people of Africa and Europe and around more thanlives have been saved ee far. There are no deaths reported except two that have no evidence to support the statements except those who want something bad to show. As a doctor and a member of your religion I expect you to take a little closer look. I would be happy to open a friendly dialogue with you. I do not want to open a dialog where there is sarcasm and hate.


mms – jim humble | miracle mineral solution | Pinterest | Lyme disease, Minerals and Health

Let me introduce myself to you again, I am Bishop James V Humble concecrated [sic] into the lineage of Bishop leading back to Jesus Christ at Antioch when he gave the command, “go ye into the world and Heal the sick. The Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing. That is what we do.

We do healing free at no cost sodik support the church on donations.

Mineral Miracle Solution

We do not teach religious truths, but rather leave that up to other churches while we concentrate on healing the sick. Our Ministers, of course, do the same. I hope that you will take a fresh look with me at MMS as your article will result in many people who could be healed to continue to suffer.

I would not be fair to them and I believe that you would not do that unless there is some other agenda. Thanks for your consideration in this matter. Of particular interest is the clinically shown evidence that this substance can damage DNA and damaged DNA can manifest as any one or more of a host of conditions including cancer.

That is to say, long term damage can manifest after a delay with either short or long-term use depending on the genetic predisposition of the individual.


At the very least, we want witness testimonies from individuals who can be contacted, who have something to lose by lying, not just clorifo anonymous Greek chorus. We also want Jim Humble’s bona fides. He says he is a chemist, well, let us see his verifiable CV. Humble’s claims of being a Bishop, you can read nms about that and more here: Publicado sidio Gloria Helena Restrepo C. Bienvenidos a la Realidad. Datos personales Gloria Helena Restrepo C.

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