Claritas Prizm NE Marketing Segmentation Research Solutions. Market Segment Research, Segmentation Research Tools, Consumer Segments, Consumer. It was developed by Claritas. PRIZM stands for Potential Rating Index for Zip Markets, and is built around geographic neighborhood data obtained through the . Claritas®/Prizm®NE Segment Young Digerati, Young Digerati – Young Digerati are tech-savvy and live in fashionable neighborhoods on the urban.

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What Are They Like? Today, wealthier communities exist in the hinterlands, but God’s Country remains a haven for upscale couples in spacious homes. Known for white-collar professionals drawn to comfortable homes and apartments within a manageable commute to downtown jobs.

They are a magnet for adults in transition some are getting over a recent divorce or transferring to a new company. Park Bench Seniors are typically retired singles living in the neighborhoods of the nation’s satellite cities.

Exploring Your Own Market, Part 2 | GEOG B: Location Intelligence for Business

Concentrated in a handful of metros–such as Las Vegas, Miami, and Albuquerque–these households feature older, empty-nesting homeowners. This segment is made up of middle-aged suburban families.

One of the youngest segments in America–with ten times as many college students as the national average–these neighborhoods feature low incomes and high concentrations of African-American and Hispanic households. In Midtown Mix, the households are dominated by consumers who pursue active social lives–frequenting bars, health clubs, and restaurants at high rates–listen to progressive music, drive small imports, and acquire the latest consumer electronics.

Typically college educated Baby Boomers, these Americans try to maintain a balanced lifestyle between high-power jobs and laid-back leisure. Old Milltowns — America’s once-thriving mining and manufacturing towns have aged–as have the residents in Old Milltowns communities. Their jobs consist of business executives, managers, and professionals.

Your addendum needn’t be more than paragraphs and should include: Clariats with younger, mostly single adults and couples just starting out on their career paths in service jobs.

They enjoy a wide variety of sports and entertainment activities that fill their social calendars. They remain in the neighborhoods they raised their families in and enjoy their suburban lifestyle.


Households found mostly in second cities, this segment is in mid-career with their jobs. In these small towns, upper-middle-class couples like to fish and hunt during the day, and stay home and watch TV at night. This segment is made up of families in small, isolated towns located throughout the nation’s heartland. Our comprehensive reports help you target and plan smarter with detailed information about demographics, businesses, consumer demand and lifestyle segmentation, so you can quickly analyze your markets and pinpoint consumers effectively.

Most residents are over 65 years old, but they show no interest in a rest-home retirement. Most residents are over 65 years old, but they show no interest in a rest-home retirement.

The segments here are predominantly white with significant concentrations of well-off Asian-Americans. With modest educations and incomes, these residents maintain low-key, sedentary lifestyles. Widely claaritas throughout the nation, the five segments in the Landed Gentry social group consist of wealthy Americans who migrated to the smaller boomtowns beyond the nation’s beltways.

Despite living further out from the urban downtowns, they still like to go out on the town for frequent meals out. Save time researching communities by signing up for our biweekly email newsletter and receive community listings straight to your inbox.

With nearly a quarter of the residents foreign born, this segment is a mecca for first-generation Americans pizm are striving to improve their lower-middle-class status.

The group includes a mix of homeowners and renters as well as high school graduates and college alums. Country Casuals — There’s a laid-back atmosphere in Country Casuals, a collection of older, upscale households that have started to empty-nest.

Big Sky Families — Scattered in placid towns across the American heartland, Big Sky Families is a segment of middle-aged rural families who have turned high school educations and blue-collar jobs into busy, upper-middle-class lifestyles.

They live in suburban neighbors and are made up of to year-old couples with large families. The nation’s second-wealthiest lifestyle is characterized by married couples with children, graduate degrees, a significant percentage of Asian Americans, and six-figure incomes earned by business executives, managers, and professionals. They are mainly high school graduates that rent and work in a mix of service jobs.


Second City Elite — There’s money to be found in the nation’s smaller cities, and you’re most likely to find it in Second City Elite. Like many of their peers who married late, these Boomers are still raising children in comfortable suburban subdivisions, and they’re pursuing kid-centered lifestyles.

Who Are My Best Customers? Here, Boomer men like to hunt and pfizm, the women enjoy sewing and crafts, and everyone looks forward to going out to a country music concert. They have child-centered lifestyles and a mix of jobs in white and blue-collar industries. Given its high claaritas of executives and white-collar professionals, there’s clarltas decided business bent to this segment: PRIZM Premier enables marketers to create a complete portrait of their customers caritas smarter targeting.

Typically found in scenic settings throughout the nation’s heartland, Middle Americans tend to be white, high school educated, living as couples or larger families, and ranging in age from under 25 to over Close the distance between what you need to do and getting it done.

They buy the latest technology with impunity: Suburban Sprawl — Suburban Sprawl is an unusual American lifestyle: Residents of Upward Bound tend to be kid obsessed, with heavy purchases of clzritas, action figures, dolls, board games, bicycles, and camping equipment. Winner’s Circle — Among the wealthy suburban lifestyles, Winner’s Circle is the youngest, a collection of mostly to year-old couples with large families in new-money subdivisions.

The most affluent suburban social group, Elite Suburbs is a world of six-figure incomes, post-graduate degrees, single-family homes, and managerial and professional occupations. Young families seeking to escape the suburban sprawl finding refuge in a collection of small rustic townships.

Claritas PRIZM Segments

Skip to main content. City Roots — Found in urban neighborhoods, City Roots is a segment of downscale retirees, typically living in older homes and duplexes they’ve owned for years. They are always early adopters of the latest and greatest thing.