From the author of Card College, the world’s most acclaimed course on sleight-of -hand card magic, comes Card College Light, Roberto Giobbi’s first text focused. Watch trailer #2 for an in-depth conversation with Roberto Giobbi about this iconic book. “If I knew someone just getting into this business, it would be the first set. Recognized around the world as the most remarkable course in sleight-of-hand card magic ever offered, Card College features engaging, detailed writing with.

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Card College Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

Description Reviews 0 Description Card College Volume 1 as the first volume in this landmark course sets the groundwork for the rest of the series, beginning with a clear terminology, lessons on the proper ways to hold, deal and shuffle the cards, then progressing through many basic sleights and techniques, including perhaps the most thorough and revealing discussion of the classic force ever offered.

It’s a collection of card A powerful choice of effects that don’t involve sleight of hand Report this review Pro Privacy ON login to see reviewer names on April 2nd, Some of the topics covered in Volume One include: This is a card-worker’s bible. Regarding if you need the books after having the DVDs. Marked Cards reviews. Giobbi includes original ideas and refinements from his own repertoire, guaranteeing every reader, no matter how experienced, fresh techniques and insights into the performance of professional col,ege card magic!

Cannot find a more clearer rogerto incredibly well structured book on card magic expect maybe the next 4 volumes: Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Actually I didn’t mention you either. How long have you been into card magic? What DVDs do you have already? Customer Reviews showing 1 – 10 of Perfect for beginners but also good refinement for experienced card guys that overlooked this in the past.

  BS 5266-8 PDF

THEN, continue your learning. I refined my overhand shuffle because of Harry’s touches on it. Find Out how to pay.

Is the Card College series by Roberto Giobbi a Good Read?

Also goes the extr mile on the zarrow shuffle. There are lots of books that provide the basis for that foundation and lots of books that that you can use to build on that foundation. I’ve been doing magic for over 20 years. Subscriptions Top Inventors 1. Roberto is very good about crediting his sources. View our magic tricks index. Card College Volumes 1 – 5 Don’t hesitate to add every volume to your cart and get started on the road to card mastery.

They flow seamlessly between each other. Hey folks, the videos just became available as digital downloads for a much better price than the DVDs! The End by Rick. Then branch out into reading the works of Vernon, Marlo, Ascanio, Tamariz and the works of their students.

Since you are indeed interested getting more advanced in Card Magic, I do think you could look into more Card magic materials. It only teaches card magic and basic flourishes — no cardistry. Showing the Most Helpful Newest. Where It Has To. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. I wouldnt have gotten it if I hadnt got it for christmas, but if volume 2 was 50 dollars, than I would still get it.

In Volume One he presents a set of basics, and then some tricks that can be done with the basics. Great series though and since you are starting out it is a good place to start.

And do you know if it is cqrd to buy them it may be second hand for a good price? Card tricks that allow the fingers to remain idle require that their methods be cunningly protected through presentation and psychology, which in turn amplify the feeling of real magic.


But he’s a person who has studied a lot and from the best ones! I highly recommend this series, especially for anyone who has a desire to become a great cardician.

In this book you will learn a ton of moves that will be crucial to your career in magic. It’s well worth it. There’s also a couple of videos made by Giobbi and available as DVDs which are companions to the first two volumes of Card College. Rpberto “Card College” series of giibbi and dvds are a very effective and efficent way of learning the art of card magic.

Everything is illustrated with line drawings, as he says these are easier to grasp than photographs. Roberto Giobbi is a thoughtful author who offers fascinating history and anecdotes that make for interesting presentations.

Decide according to your learning style, each medium being complete in itself, and if you can afford it get both the books and the DVDs. Also, “Royal Road” also follows the format of teaching basic techniques, then some tricks that can be done with them, then more advanced techniques, and so on. I use a push thru false shuffle.

Card College Light By Roberto Giobbi Book

If not I have to save money. We keep our most popular products in stock in the UK so giobbu this step is skipped. I have card college 1 thru 4 buying 5 next they are without a doubt the best books on handling cards that I have. Download your magic to any device, including our free iPad app.