Beta glucan is a soluble fiber that helps improve cholesterol, heart health, and blood sugar levels. Beta-Glucan. Beta-glucans are defined chemically as linear molecules of beta-1, 3-and beta-1,4-linked d-glucopyranose units that are associated with cell wall. Beta glucan is a scientifically proven biological response modifier (BRM) that nutritionally potentiates, modulates and helps normalize the immune response.

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Oat gum lowers glucose and insulin after an oral glucose load. Beta Glucan and Insulin Resistance Insulin resistance, whether or not accompanied with hyperglycemia, and type 2 diabetes are well-established components of metabolic syndrome [ ].

Cholecystokinin was among the first hormones shown to modulate food intake [ ]. This type of definition is very practical from a regulatory point of view; however, it alone does not actually describe any characteristics of fiber and an analytical method should only be part of a formal regulatory definition. A satiety index of common foods.

Abstract Despite the lack of international agreement regarding the definition and classification of fiber, there is established evidence on the role of dietary fibers in obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Beta Glucan: The Heart-Healthy Fiber

One type of fiber that has received much attention lately is beta-glucan, a glucose polymer found in the cell walls of cereals eg, oats, barleycertain types of mushrooms eg, reishi, shiitake, maitakeyeasts, seaweed, and algae. Effect of composition on the rheological behaviour and sensory properties of semisolid glucanna dessert. Journal of the American Dietetic Association.


Bacteria ferment beta-glucans in the intestinal tract, producing short-chain fatty acids. Effect of subcutaneous injections of PYY and PYY on appetite, ad libitum energy intake, and plasma free fatty acid concentration in obese males.

Several mechanisms were gluvana to explain fiber-induced ghrelin suppression, most importantly fermentation. Solid foods are known to increase satiety and decrease hunger more effectively than liquid ones [ ]. Fibers are most commonly characterized based on their solubility. Development of a new oat-based probiotic drink. Oat beta-glucan lowers total and Glcana.

Effect of chronic central administration of heta peptide-1 amide on food consumption and body weight in normal and obese rats. Effects of glycemic load on metabolic risk markers in subjects at increased risk of developing metabolic syndrome. An example of an allowed label claim: Short-chain fatty acids modify colonic motility through nerves and polypeptide YY release in the rat.

Effects of short-chain fatty acids on gastrointestinal motility.


The best way to get fiber is through your diet. These products are readily accepted by consumers.

Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology. Critical Reviews in Immunology. Structural characterization of water-insoluble nonstarchy polysaccharides of oats and barley. Effect of the glycemic index and content btea indigestible carbohydrates of cereal-based breakfast meals on glucose tolerance at lunch in healthy subjects.

Dietary oligofructose modifies the impact of fructose on hepatic triacylglycerol metabolism. Separation and characterization of the soluble and insoluble components of insoluble laminaran. Ghrelin induces adiposity in rodents.

Fibers glucna also be categorized based on their physical and chemical properties as well as their physiological effects. Influence of dietary fiber addition on sensory and rheological properties of yogurt.


C-terminal octapeptide of cholecystokinin decreases food intake in man. Glcuana of Dietary Fibers The most recent definitions for fiber generally address at least one of four characteristics: The introduction of fiber into traditional and processed foods provides one method by which to increase fiber intake [ 81 ].

In addition, GLP-1 release in response to soluble fibers is another potential mechanism. Journal of Clinical Investigation.

National supply and disposition of grains in Canada, to —Oats, http: It can be used to offset the poor quality associated with low-fat beef burgers [ ] as well as low-fat sausages [ ]. El KhouryC. Short-chain fatty acids and human colonic function: Diets containing barley significantly reduce lipids in mildly hypercholesterolemic men and women.

Beta Glucan: Health Benefits in Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

The role of short-chain fatty acids in appetite regulation and the potential underlying mechanisms will be elucidated in the following sections. Effects of food attributes on hunger and food intake. It may help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. You can also find it in whole grains, oats, bran, wheat, and barley.

Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research. Tatemoto K, Mutt V.