Find great deals for Beckhoff EK 24 V EtherCAT Coupler Interface Module. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Beckhoff™ and TwinCAT are registered trademarks of Beckhoff. Information is EK coupler, any number of EtherCAT Terminals and a bus end terminal. Beckhoff EK EtherCAT Terminals Coupler. EtherCAT Coupler for coupling of EtherCAT Terminals to BASE-TX EtherCAT networks, Data transfer rates.

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Turn on the network. In the list of Ethernet devices that the scanner detects on the development computer, select the Ethernet device into which you plugged your EtherCAT network. Provide a name for the task, for example Task 1 and configure Task 1 as a task with image.

Configure EtherCAT Network with TwinCAT 3 – MATLAB & Simulink

In beckhorf task list, select Task 1 and set its cycle ticks value to a value in milliseconds, such as 10 for 10 milliseconds. In the Model Configuration Parameters dialog box, use the cycle tick to calculate a value for the Fixed-step size fundamental sample time box. Configure the Term 1 analog outputs as variables.

Link the Analog output variable to Term 3. Building the real-time application produces an XML file with the same name as your model.

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In the TwinCAT menu, start the device scanner. Scan for EtherCAT boxes on your network. The scanner reports the EtherCAT devices on your network.

Disable free run mode.

EK EtherCAT Coupler

In TwinCAT 3, add an item to your system task list. Record the cycle tick in milliseconds. Configure the Term 1 inputs as variables.

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