We all know love matters, but in this groundbreaking book positive emotions expert Barbara Fredrickson shows us how much. Even more than happiness and . In her new book, psychologist Barbara Fredrickson argues that we need an upgrade, and she’s written a new book to explain why: Love I wish I had known years ago about Barbara Fredrickson In particular her theory that accumulating ‘micro-moments of positivity,’.

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Research shows that simply imagining having a conversation barbar them is as good as actually talking with them. The vagus nerve —a nerve that runs from the brain to many parts of the body, including the heart and lungs—is also designed to increase love.

You become better able to forge the interpersonal connections that give rise to positivity resonance. New firearms regulations and police use of lethal force in Argentina. I’d like more live life than that. Slow down and prepare your own heart and mind to be truly open to others. Jan 24, Pages Buy.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. I am tempted to say that there has not been a better book on love since the New Testament. It also requires that you slow down.

It will be a hard sell to lump all love in the same basket for most people. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.

Seeing love as a special bond is extraordinarily common, albeit misleading. At the same time, this reciprocal, upward spiral dynamic between mirco-moments of love and abrbara changes in your health forges a path toward your higher spiritual sense of oneness.


The intention to love and the reasoning to love are more important than physical connections in determining what love is. I promise when I am thinking of someone I loved who is gone, my body feels a lot of things, grief primarily right now, but there is also sensations of warmth, almost like micro-movements, lovs my muscles relax, and I feel more connected to the earth, and more aware of the people around me and their non-verbal cues, and if you measure my oxytocin levels, maybe, just maybe, it would be comparable to what she has measured in her PEP lab.


Beating yourself up with the continual harshness of self-criticism is no way to make yourself feel safe in your own company.

Barbzra can honestly say I’d be lost without LKM. My take-away from this book is to keep feeding those relationships if you want to love and be loved. I don’t know, I’m grasping at straws here. This is a game changer. In this highly readable book, Barbara Frederickson offers expert guidance in this emerging field.

One is that people feel safe, and the other is that they feel a real-time sensory connection with another person. As I detailed in Positivity, their agility stems from their steady diet of positive emotion.

You are able to shake free of your nagging self-criticism, worry, and rumination and enjoy the added mental capacity that this escape frees up and you can now fully take in the whole of your surroundings. It started off great but then just a bit downhill for me.

Using research from her own lab, Fredrickson redefines love not as a stable behemoth, but as micro-moments of connection between people—even strangers. So consult the in your mind.

Just like all forms of positivity resonance, however, self-love first requires safety and connection. So maybe my mild discomfort with this narbara is just an expression of this mild discomfort with the whole LKM thing. Those In this book, the author redefines love as a positive emotion shared between two people.

Love literally makes people healthier. Learn more about Amazon Prime. In doing so he changed forever the way we think about this natural and common wonder. I love making connections across areas like that but I also know how tough it is. Even though love is defined throughout this book as moments of positivity shared between and among people, the positivity shared between knower and known — between I and me — provides a vital foundation for all other forms in positivity, before we can freely enjoy the many other fruits of positivity resonance that we can share with others.


They not only grasp the human condition and the meaning of life but are also able to translate these lofty philosophical insights into down-to-earth plans and advice.

Love 2.0: How Our Supreme Emotion Affects Everything We Feel, Think, Do, and Become

Such, commerce is often carefully engineered to set off the emotional fireworks that create brand loyalty, and even addictions. It also plays a role in coordinating heart rate and breathing: This important and intriguing book inspired several of my professional coach friends and I to create an ad hoc book club just so we can discuss it. Fredricksson a customer review.

Love has been extolled in countless songs and movies. And with higher vagal tone, your attention and actions become more agile, more attuned to the people in your midst. Finding Happiness and Health in Moments of Connection.

The Love Upgrade | Greater Good

If not, Transformation is in trouble: I wonder what the author would think of my use of “love” so indiscriminately in this review. I was reading another of the author’s books, when I noticed this title as well. So even the most potent emotion-eliciting stimulus like love can fade into the background.

Love has never been so well understood, so deeply expressed, as in the work of scientist Barbara Fredrickson.