Integration with Sentinel, Integrator, Gateway, and PassPort — Learn . Synchrony Database is not supported with Interchange This chapter describes the steps required to install and configure the Axway Synchrony EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Gateway so it can operate correctly . To configure Axway Synchrony Interchange: When the system opens the Axway Synchrony Login.

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Repeat the preceding steps to set up the Receiver Axway Synchrony. Add the following section in the Events. This completes the folder configuration for outgoing binary transmissions.

Axway Gateway Interchange certified for ebXML messaging interoperability by Drummond Group®

When the Change this integration pickup symchrony window opens: Click Start to start the service if the Service Status is not Started. The system does not display this screen if it has already transmitted the file.

To configure Axway Synchrony for binary file transmission: When the Add a node page opens: In the Choose interchanfe format you want to use for the certificate export screen, retain the default configurations. This dialog box is different on subsequent executions. To start the Axway Synchrony Server: In the Application pickup exchange screen, click the link in the Name column.


Axway provides professional and managed services, as well as cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service SaaS offerings. Log in to Axway Synchrony schema and create the following indexes to improve the interface performance between Argus Interchange and Axway Synchrony:.

In the View certificate screen, in the General tab, locate the Related task section and click Export this certificate. If you receive a summary where the Routing ID is not displayed, you must add the sender’s Routing ID manually, as listed from Steps 9 – In the Getting started screen, click the System Management icon.

To learn more about Axway’s Gateway Interchange solution, please visit: In the Message attribute directory mapping tab: When the System management page opens with the newly created node: In the Summary screen, click the Application Pickup icon, and add an application pickup.

Media releases are provided as is by companies and have not been edited or checked for accuracy. In interchanye Certificate screen, click the Certificate listed on the Personal certificates tab. When the System Management page opens: Type the Axway Synchrony Password in the Password field. When the system opens the Getting Started window: In the Summary synchrlny, click the Add a Partner to this community link.


When the Search results page opens verify that the transmission is in progress by locating the Custom Search section and clicking Find until Delivered appears on the screen. Type the name of the Community in the Community name field.

Installing and Configuring EDI Gateway

Go to the Services directory for the local machine. To create a database instance for Axway Synchrony: When the Axway Synchrony Login page opens: In the Community screen, click the Community acway.

Click the Export the receiver’s community’s profile link at the bottom of the page.

Click Start to start the node. Sender or Receiver http: To test communication for Axway Synchrony Interchange: Click Homeand verify that the node status is Running. Any queries should be directed to the company itself.