Uploaded by Syed Murtza. Asr-e-Zahoor Written by Allama Ali Korani and translated in urdu by Allama Iftakhar Naqvi This book is regarding occultation of Imam. Huzoor e Akram sAaww ka irshad e pak hy kh Hamara Silsila e nasab 22 sy aagay mt bian mn kia raz hy mujhy nahin pata mgr hukm ki. Asr e Zahoor book is about the life of Imam Mehdi book is wriiten by Allama Ali Alkorani and translated in urdu by Allama syed Iftikhar Hussain Naqvi.

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According to Jassem Hossein, traditions regarding occultation of Mahdi had been collected by many different shia sects.

Retrieved 24 May He “merged messianic rhetoric with populist nationalism” at home and in his UN speeches he “combined references to the Mahdi with a blistering Third-Worldist ideological attack on ” Western Imperialism ” and ” Zionism ” intended to appeal to some Middle East audiences. Some scholars, including Bernard Lewis [40] also point out, that the idea of an Imam in occultation was not new in CE but that it was a recurring factor in Shia history.

Namaz e Panjgana wa daura e Quran e majeed. The Life of Imam al-Mahdi. After Namaz e Fajr. Historically, “the Sunnites often applied it [Mahdi] to the four caliphs after the Prophet, who were called al-Khulafa’ al-Rashidun al-Mahdiyyun, the rightly guided caliphs. Archived from the original on 5 June By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It also acted as a moderating force among them by postponing political activities until the future coming of the Awaited Mahdi.

Muhammad al-Mahdi – Wikipedia

Archived from the original on 22 February Yaan Richard suggests occultation was a “convenient solution” for the last Imams’ justification of their quietism.

The brother of the eleventh Imam, Jafar ibn Ali, remained firm in his assertion that his brother had no progeny and there were legal disputes over the ownership of his brother’s estate with the supposed agents.


Al-Mahdi’s mother was reportedly called Narjis. Since Shi’ites believe that the primordial light of the prophethood has continued to shine through the ages in the character of the Imams, be they hidden or apparent, no idea ever rose regarding the inaccessibility of the Hidden Imam in the state of occultation.

Muhammad al-Mahdi

In Shia sources, even in historical works of Ibn Babuya, the birth of Imam was miraculous which must awr considered as hagiography. However it is believed by Twelver Shi’ites and some Sunnis that Al-Askari had a son who would be the redeemer of Islam. Zahpor Book Co of Australasia, Register a new account. Archived copy as title CS1 maint: Retrieved 31 January Shi’ite works on the twelfth Imam have usually included a chapter or two on “those who have seen or met with the Sahib az-Zaman Master of the Age.

Jashan e masarat e Zahoor e Meyar ul valid. Twelver Shi’as believe that the Imam did not suffer deathbut that, for various reasons, has been concealed by Allah from mankind. Mardani jashan e Akhde Ali A. In the early years of his Imamate, he is believed to have had only contact his followers through The Four Deputies.

Jashan e masarat e Zahoor e Meyar ul valid 18 th Rajab. Another instance of contemporary Shia messianic tendency manifested itself in the discourse and policies of the former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who thought that Mahdi’s return was imminent.

Asr e-zahoor by allama ali korani

He argued that it asg impossible to have dialogue with an entity with an “extremist ideology” that believes its policies are divinely-guided to prepare conditions for the return of the Imam Mahdi, fearing a spread of Twelver Shi’ite or Iranian influence to the land of Islam’s holiest shrine.

Archived from the original on 2 February Shias zzahoor believe that in every age, there is an Imam, either apparent or hidden. Majlis Arbayeen e Shohada e Karbala.

In his History of Islamic Philosophy He writes: Others argue that even if he had a son, Muhammad ibn al-Hassan could not live for over a thousand years. It seems likely that after the death of the eleventh Imam, for the duration of a natural lifespan i.


Majalis of Sarkare Syed us Shohada. Retrieved 3 September Archived from the original on 22 October Aside from Shi’i works almost nothing is known about the life of this Imam.

By the third and fourth decades of the 10th century i. Jashan e eid e Zehra 9 th Rabiul Awwal. Shia’as also believe that Imam Mahdi will reappear on a Friday, and that he will come forth speaking Arabic probably all languages as he has Allah as translator. The title means “The Age of the Apperance” it is a rough translation for the period which Imam al Mahdi will come back.

On 3 Maythe then- Saudi deputy crown prince Mohammad bin Salman Al Saudin an interview with MBC made repeated references to the Shi’ite ideology of the Iranian state to reject the possibility of dialogue with Iran for settling the regional rivalry between the two countries.

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Being a publisher of high-quality translated English literature, we have been looking to get this work rendered into English – we have some individuals who “can” do the work, we have been trying to securing funding for the translation and publication.

It was believed that the twelfth Imam was connected to his community through four agents, giving his commands via letter; Momen doubts the historical accuracy of these accounts, mentioning that there is no indication that the number of agents was limited to four and several others are mentioned. Translated by Muhammad Sarwar. According to Shia beliefs the Imam was both the spiritual and political head of the community.

Majlis Arbayeen e Shohada e Karbala 20 th Safar. Sign up for a new account in our community. Namaz e eid e Mobahela. Zahopr copy as title link Iran’s multiplicity of messiahs: