Results 1 – 30 of Doorway Papers by Arthur C. Custance and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Results 1 – 16 of 16 Doorway Papers No by Custance, Arthur and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Arthur C. Custance () had a Ph.D. in Education, and wrote a number of books (including the well-known “Doorway Papers” series), such as Without.

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Before and After Conversion. Asbell studied directly with Arthur Custance and write of these ideas in Scripture Research [ permanent dead link ] Vol 4, No 5, Genealogies of the Bible: Views Read Edit View history. The theological and scientific challenge to theistic evolution and evolutionary creationism.

Part I of Vol. Book Titles of the original Zondervan papers published fromwith links to more current online files. In the Bible there are two men cuxtance Adam: History, personal existence and experience, the world, the universe – all find meaning and significance when seen from God’s perspective: The consequences of eating a arthug, as claimed in Genesis, is confirmed by studies in genetics, biology and chemistry; so this is not a ‘story’ but sober history – and it has profound implications for our redemption.

The supporting data comes from many fields of enquiry. This web site contains the works of Arthur Cusrance who wrote extensively on the links between academic knowledge and the tenets of Christianity. The Necessity of the Four Gospels and the Dooeway of Contradictions The Harmony of Contradiction The statement of truth may demand the use of contradictory terms and, given the difference between knowing the facts and perceiving the truth, it seems that contradiction may be essential to the understanding of truth.


How Did Jesus Die? The Fall was Down Evidence of Man’s Fall Throughout History History is a dismal record of man’s destructive wickedness; and how we account for this fact determines how we deal with society’s ills.

Arthur Custance

A study of this record of the families of Noah’s three sons from whom it is plainly stated in verse 32 arose all the nations, provides information about the origins, relationships, and patterns of dispersion of all racial stocks; and explores the evidence that fossil man, primitive people, and modern man are all to be derived from these three brothers.

A Retranslation of Genesis 1: Incidents in some 19 passages of Scripture which seem odd or unfair to us are shown to be quite normal and reasonable in other cultures. We believe that the Bible conveys facts that are fully supported by science. Covers arthurr 70 books from liberal, conservative and evangelical perspectives, from “popular” and scholarly, modern and older writers. How Noah’s Cutsance Sons Influenced Subsequent History A biblical philosophy in cameo of how history since the Flood was and is influenced by the nations descended from Noah’s three sons through the unique endowment given to each branch, according to God’s design as stated cryptically in Gen.

Titles of the original Zondervan papers published fromwith links to more current online files. The Importance of a Name What’s in a Name? Cutance Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. On this premise, an alternative interpretation is presented which takes into account the scientific facts. Part III of Vol. It seems that this world is peculiarly suited to such a creature as man – as paeprs the universe was ppapers for the world and the world for man and his redemption.


Between and he wrote the ten volume “Doorway Papers” that attempt to bridge the gap between a scientific and a Christian worldview. These Doorway Papers were republished in a ten-volume set known as The Doorway Papers Seriesand these works have been distributed worldwide. These inventors par excellence turn out to be, not a Westerner, but a descendant of Noah’s son Ham, to whom mankind owes a great debt.

He attended the University of Toronto where he obtained B. The problems involved in a global flood are discussed. Custance Library Books Online. Research has shown that the effects of incest tend now to be evil for reasons which are scientifically understandable.

Convergence and the Origin of Man. Date Issued Date of first publication. Some thoughts on the role of prophecy in the life of a Christian.

Arthur Custance – Wikipedia

To allow miracle is to imply that the Watchmaker’s mechanism was imperfect or has been disturbed. Part VII of Vol. Paeprs Anthropology gives a clue as to why the innocent party, not the guilty, was cursed. The experience so changed his thinking that he switched courses, obtaining an honours M.