POS Nation offers training videos for Aldelo for Restaurants. This section focuses on software and POS setup. This manual is available through Aldelo Systems Inc. and resellers worldwide. other languages that the manual may be translated into, please contact Aldelo. Aldelo User Manual Download, The Aldelo For Restaurants software solution is extremely user friendly and very simple to learn. Download your manual today.

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Next, enter the information as seen in Figure The description should include the invoice number and date, if applicable. To issue a free gift card to a customer, discount the entire amount. Click the Reduce button three more times to reduce the quantity to one. A secondary language name must have been setup previously in the Menu Item Editor. In the Open Orders window, select the first order created the oldest one based upon the time field.

Aldelo POS Restaurant Manual

This displays a set of options. You may create Menu Group Schedules to hide Menu Groups from the display during certain hours of the day.

Click the Done button when finished. In the Order Entry screen, click the Combine button.

Next, click the Edit button next to Monday. This continues until all maual of Forced Modifiers have been selected. On both the center right and top left portions of the screen, select the All buttons. Click the Menu Group Schedule button, select a menu group, and click the Add button. The driver may take one, several, or all of the orders waiting for delivery. Select the order again by clicking the checkbox next to it, and then select driver Robert Johnson.


If you do not have it, contact the printer manufacturer to obtain one.

ALDELO POS Training Manual – PDF

If your security level is insufficient to perform a No Sale, a manager s approval is necessary. This is where you create your employee work schedules for the week. Then, select the item from the Order Entry screen as usual. Refer to Figure of this manual. To return to the Order Entry screen, click the Touch Screen button. The Command Prompt screen appears. When the Select Table Number screen displays, click on table Dine 22 to assign this table to Eleanor.

All of the gratuities added to the guest check are removed. On the Settle Order screen, click the Cash button. Click the Change button. Follow the procedure below: Click the OK button when finished. For more information, see General Settings Discounts in Chapter 7 of this training manual.

The Hold Until Time changes to 33 minutes from the order time.

Aldelo POS Restaurant Manual | Sharp pos terminal up-v series manual

Garlic Croutons Slivered Almonds Mod: Click the button on this screen and the Finish button on the following screen to return to the Order Entry screen where you may place orders as usual.

Select the Appetizers Menu Group and click on the rectangle in the upper left corner of the screen. After all the items to be removed from check 1 have been selected, click on guest check 2.

Enter only information on the Inventory Items screen for the fields whose descriptions appear in bold type See Figure This is useful, for example, to hide the breakfast menu from the display during the dinner hours. The Select Server screen displays See Figure Set the screen resolution to x mqnual.


ALDELO POS Training Manual

Enter the access code. No user action is required. Choose Eleanor Powell and click the Select button.

On the Hostess screen, select the Waiting List Tab. Prices may be entered manually, changed, or looked up by clicking their respective buttons. This excess cash mahual placed in a secure. Select the Yes button when asked to confirm that you wish to exempt the order from tax. Select 6 and click the button. Click the Advanced Sharing button to display the Advanced Sharing window.

For example, if the Orange Juice you use is no longer available in a case of oz. Select Ketchup from the list and enter 1 in the Units Used field. The system returns to the Order Amnual screen. A customer who buys a gift card for sldelo else is obviously pleased with the restaurant and wants to introduce others to it. In the upper right corner of the screen, select the New York Steak by clicking on it.

When finished, click the Close button See Figure One member of a party may decide to buy for the others, or a couple that had previously asked for aldello checks may change their minds.