ALDARION AND ERENDIS. The Mariner’s Wife. |. Meneldur was the son of Tar- Elendil, the fourth King of Númenor. He was the King’s third child, for he had two . Aldarion’s mother, impressed by the beauty of Erendis – “dark-haired and of slender grace, with the clear grey eyes of her kin” takes her to the. From UT “Aldarion and Erendis”: “All or nothing, Erendis,” said Núneth.(Erendis’s mother) “So you were as a child. But you love this man, and.

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So, whose pride is then worth admiring and whose — to be despised… or pitied? Views Read Edit View history.

She then set it in a silver fillet and had Aldarion bind it about her forehead. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. LhunithilielMar 29, This page was last modified on 30 Augustat We’re looking at starting a wiki for these common ones. Later, in Middle-earththis tradition continued in Arnor with the wearing of the Elendilmira star-like gem upon the brow.

Does not life teach, I wonder?!!! Thus it is; and we are set here among them. This should be added to that list. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Erendis – Tolkien Gateway

Email required Address never made public. Counsels In your analyses, my fair opponent, you often blame Aldarion for not taking counsels from anyone. Though Erendis resented it, Aldarion insisted on continuing with his voyages to Middle-earthcausing a rift between the two. I don’t know, I just feel him.


In this letter Gil-galad described the new threat of Sauron which was descending upon Middle-earth and asked for help:. As disciples of the Eldar, the Numenoreans as a new-found brand of the race of Men, followed steadily lots of the elvish traditions and ways concerning the structure of he society and the position in it of females and males. Alvarion very character-driven, not much action, and the themes are pretty universal.

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This article has multiple issues. It’s so different from most of Tolkien’s work in its portrayal of a failed marriage with most of the “important” stuff happening offscreen.


In the end, of course, the battle of the sexes between Aldarion and Erendis does neither of them much good — and it has a terrible effect on Ancalime their daughter, who is a definite topic for a future post here. Aldarion himself understood it well: I actually think it would make a great stage play. Even for Tolkien fans, Erendis xnd probably an obscure enough figure that I can provide a brief summary of her story here without appearing overly patronising.

They turn their play into great matters and great matters into play. What did she expect then?! Pride is a noble quality of a human being. Dreams — against reality! I do not deny it. Say hello to our friends in the following places:. This should go without saying, but treat people as you wish to be treated. Also, after reading Humphrey Carpenter’s biography, I wonder if this story was partly Tolkien’s way of dealing ans difficulties in his own marriage.


Want to add to the discussion? It is no tyranny of evil Men, This article needs additional citations for verification. Through time, disagreement arose ernedis Aldarion and his father concerning the Sea, for Aldarion loved it ever since he was a child.

Aldarion and Erendis is a great story : tolkienfans

Only after many years they were engaged, and even more passed until they were married, in the year SA From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Debate – Aldarion-Erendis – Who’s to blame? This is also strongly traced later in her attitude towards her own daughter as well!

Aldarioon mine are briefer than yours. But here the tale erendks un unexpected turn, as it is revealed in a letter that Gil-galad wrote towards king Meneldur. This leads me to the next point — namely that Aldarion is accused by you for breaking his promises to Erendis. My youth runs away: