An Alien medical team, from a parallel dimension, cure humans at healer clinic in ISRAEL. Original report byf Adrian Dvir. ADRIAN DVIR – X3 HEALING ENTITIES and ALIENS. likes. Alien medical teams from other realms or dimensions cure humans at Healers-Mediums. List of computer science publications by Adrian Dvir. Helnye Azaria, Adrian Dvir: An Optimizing Compiler for an SPAP Architecture Using AI.

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Sc in Computer Engineering. Adriab atrocities haunt victims beyond death April 29, Adrian Dvir; January Adrian’s first English book: It was about another year until his first book was translated to English, in The Aliens medical team gave us some information about the space ship, its size and purpose. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

Adrian Dvir

I was surprised I was not afraid. I was alone in the room. The aliens take the initiative in setting the clinics up.

The first time I decided to dive deep into this issue was after my father, he had cancer and died. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. His current research is medical implants.

In the past, orthodox religion has sometimes thought of these aliens as healing angels. Adrian Hebrew and Rumanian Books. And I started to treat people in the evening in my spare time.


They willingly accept his probes for knowledge and grant him free access to their telepathic communications center.

We work together with other Healers and Light workers to bring faith, healing, spiritual and physical renewal to the various populations of the world. The terrorist leaders are united in a plan to control and destroy the free world by unleashing non conventional mass destruction weapons on democratic nations.

Radio, TV, Wdrian, Internet.

Several months later, I went from my office where I am working, to my car in the evening to drive home and I felt he is sitting beside me, telling me: Eliahu, Moshe, and even Jesus are the common names we encountered during some acrian the treatments.

The speed of expansion affects the speed of time or time velocity. My name is Adrian Dvir, an Engineer. And I just ignore it. They cured Her back problem. Adrian Dvir Draws very strange paintings.

Adrian Dvir – Wikipedia

Adeian number appeared on my wall Mark Rashkow is in Israel and strange things are happening to him. The Healers claim for collaboration with invisible Beings from other dimensions or realms.

Many of you have forgotten that you too are spiritual cosmic entities, and we are here to remind you. And at some point they opened a clinic at my apartment.

Adrixn research teams are part of a huge organization: August 23, New: And a further video of Adrian explaining how his apartment in Rishon le Zion, Israel, was interpenetrated at another dimension by an extraterrestrial hospital, can be viewed here. He could not walk and had to retire from work. In the name of Adrian ‘s family and friends you are invited to tour this website and marvel at Adrian ‘s life’s work.


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Our Alien medical teams use medical implants to support or replace bodily functions by inserting artificial devices. Adrian Dvir’s main website is here.

Parliament of the soul A series of treatment involving asrian life regression and therapy shed light on what I decided to call Parliament of the Soul. My family wife and children ware asleep. What is also called clairvoyant. The groups represented at this moment wish to bring you messages of hope and peace, of love and understanding. Now in its 4Th edition.

Index of blog contents Be ready to hear us, to see us. They asked me If I want to help them.