Have a look at , for ActivePerl documentation. As an alternative to ActivePerl, there is Strawberry Perl. This section describes what is ActivePerl – a free Perl engine for Windows, Perl Tutorials – Herong’s Tutorial Examples – Version , by Dr. Herong Yang. Easily learn how to install Perl and run your first script. If you are on Windows, you may see a choice of ActivePerl and Strawberry Perl.

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PERL – Programming

This is normally done from the command line:. At the command prompt type perl -v. The windows and controls that make up a Tk tutprial are called widgets. If your goal is to build an application that will be used by a large number of users, server-side PerlScript is considerably more practical.

Most modern Tcl packages do not create names at the top level like TkTable above. PERL can do exactly that tuhorial that and these next few pages of tutorial will walk you through the process step by step. I just want to run a Perl program which contains one print statement, which Tutorizl saved in Notepad with the name ex.

Because of this we almost always use objects when working with Tkx widgets. In line 5 and 6 we set up some window manager attributes of the main application window. John 11 24 It allows websites to execute Perl code on the local machine as the current user.

After the Tkx module has been loaded by the use Tkx statement, the application will show an empty window called “. Post as a guest Name. The same rules apply to the function names in the Tkx:: We need this constant because the menu layout on Aqua is not the same as in other windowing systems. The Tk toolkit is native to the Tcl programming language, but its turorial of use and cross-platform availability has made it the GUI toolkit of choice for many activveperl dynamic languages.


The application will still run, but when you try to invoke these menu entries you get an “Application Error Dialog” from Tk. Similar reasoning exists for the “bell”.

Email Required, but never shown. This function will return when the application window has been destroyed. In a real application there would be additional code between line 15 and 17 to set up the rest of the application window, but for this demonstration we’ll just leave the window empty.

Save this to a file called hello. There are many PERL compilations available for your machine. Use whichever one you like best. When the Perl application starts up and loads Tkx, the only functions available in the Tkx:: It also provide a convenient way to invoke subcommands methods on the widgets. Next, we instantiate a new Tkx:: This is normally done from the command line: This example loads the “Tktable” package in order to make the table command available for createing table widgets:.

I am new to Perl scripting. Most experienced Perl developers prefer to use the cpan shell. Perl programs or any other program run by an interpreter is run by passing the script as a command-line argument to the interpreter. In Mac OS X these entries show up at the top of the menu just right of the apple.

A window with the text “Hello, world” should appear on your screen. This should be similar to the following code: PERL is capable of quickly taking input from a user then manipulating it in some fashion and spitting out some sort of result. We’ll have our script print to the command prompt with the print function just as we would if we were printing text to our web browser. James Drinkard 9, 11 77 To test the installation, make sure the program has fully completed installation and then run through the following:.


At the top of this hierarchy we have a widget called.

PerlScript in IE 4. Often times these types of tasks will require some form of user input. The MyWidget class above provides shortcuts for the “messageBox” and “getOpenFile” in order to hide the triple underscore ugliness and propagate the -parent attribute.

– A tutorial about Perl and ActivePerl. Installing mod_perl. Includes examples.

In a minute we will be taking a look at how to retrieve some user input via the command prompt but first, you tjtorial need to install a PERL compiler for your machine.

In line 17, we ask Tk to start tutoriak events by invoking Tkx:: This is done with the Tkx:: For example, in this case: However, remember that if you develop Active Server Pages on your local machine, your system is considered to be both the client and the server. Sign up using Facebook. Clicking the button will invoke the subroutine registered with the button’s -command option.

The only difference is that the call to MainLoop is implicit in Tcl and does not have to be spelled out.

Tkx does not include documentation for all the Tk widgets available for use.