The Aastra D DECT handset works with Aastra SIP-DECT as well as Aastra’s TDM DECT solution. The Aastra d offers a vibration alarm, headset socket. Aastra d: fast delivery and good price This is IP&Go!. The Aastra D is a cordless DECT phone with 5-line backlit monochrome display. Call us on for expert advice | Onedirect.

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Note You can still open the redial list when you have already pressed the hook key and can hear the dial tone.

You can view the phone numbers in the caller list, together with the corresponding details the time of the call, for exampledelete them, and copy them to predialing, to the telephone book, or to the caller filter. The key function automatically changes depending on the respective operation state of the mobile unit. Never put a battery in water or throw a battery into a fire.

Unauthorized repair will void the warranty. In some countries, the law requires used rechargeable batteries to be returned. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: Display Arrangement, Softkeys, and Other Keys Text Lines The three lines in the center of the five-line display contain information on the current connection state, or lists and menu texts.

The following instructions will guide you in using your Aastra d and provide answers to all your most important questions. This digital channel guarantees the highest voice quality possible without static or background noise.


You edit the basic settings for the earpiece in a menu see page Telephoning Entrance Intercom Calls Calling the entrance intercom If your OpenCom communications system is connected to an entrance intercom, you can speak with a visitor at the entrance intercom with the following code procedure.


Switch on the mobile unit.

Volume Settings Use the arrow keys or the number keys “1” to “8” to set the desired aastea volume, then press OK. You can retrieve your 142c by means of the info key 30 B see page The top line in the display contains the following information for every entry: Please refer to the important notes on using the rechargeable batteries mentioned in the Appendix on page 63 Safety Precautions The charger cradle must only be installed and operated indoors. For information on entering numbers, see page The Charger Rack is perfect for enviroments where employees have no fixed work place — e.

Place the handset regularly in the charger cradle, thus ensuring optimum charging of the batteries. C-Key The C-key cancel key has several functions. The contents of the line change according to the operating status. A handset with hot or cold batteries may be temporarily out of order even if the batteries are fully charged.

The memory card is inserted in a slot in the battery compartment underneath the batteries. The reason for the programmed appointment appears.

Aastra 142d User Manual

You can then dial a phone number that has been stored there see page 35 F Select Startand confirm this by pressing OK. Functions Softkeys and Other Keys The three keys below the display as well as the arrow keys are called softkeys. Don’t show me this message again. NB The entries and features that are actually available may differ from those described in this user guide as they are dependent on specific conditions. Your handset has a battery management system which has to aashra the limits of the battery charge status first before it can output the correct status to the display.


Never short-circuit a battery — this is dangerous! Exclusions Aastra does not warrant aasfra telephone sets to be compatible with the equipment of any particular telephone company.

New Entry The telephone book 142c contain up to entries. Page 2 Thank you for choosing this Aastra product. The manufacturer will not accept any liability in such cases. Esc Press the Esc softkey briefly to exit the section of the menu currently displayed.

During a call you cannot use the right soft key and the handset button to unlock the phone. Thank you for choosing this Aastra product. To end your call: It takes the three type AAA batteries that are supplied. For this reason you should place your charger cradle on a nonslip base, especially in the case of new or polished furniture. F Select one of the following menu items, and confirm this by pressing OK.

The date and time are then not displayed. Keep the handset and accessories out of reach of small children. A system password or registration code may be necessary for the registration process.

Do not throw batteries into your household waste. Select one of 10 melodies for signalling the alarm.